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Friday, July 30, 2021

Tenerife in August 2021

The 16 August 2021 is a national public holiday in lieu of Asunción de la Virgen (Assumption) on the 15th, which is a Sunday. Municipal holidays in August are: 

  • 2 August: Festivity of Nuestra Señora de La Esperanza in El Rosario
  • 5 August: Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Amparo in Icod de los Vinos
  • 6 August: Festivity of El Salvador in La Matanza
  • 23 August: Fiestas for the Town's Patrons in Fasnia
  • 24 August: Festivity of San Bartolomé in Buenatista del Norte
  • 30 August: Festivity of San Bernardo in Arafo
  • 30 August: Festivity for the Municipality's Patrons in La Victoria
  • 31 August: Festividad Nuestra Señora de Buen Viaje in El Tanque
  • 30 August: Festivity of San Agustín y San Roque in Vilaflor

August is usually packed with fiestas and romerías, with the biggest being the fiestas in Candelaria and Peregrinación a Candelaria (pilgrimage) on the 14 and 15 of August, with the Ceremony of the discovery of the Virgin - which last year were suspended and, which again have been suspended and are not going to take place this year either.

Other major celebrations in a normal August would be the Romería de San Roque in Garachico on 16 August and the Corazones de Tejina around 24 August.