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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2017

Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2017, Judit López García

Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2017 was Judit López García, in a costume entitled "Madame Soleil" (Madam Sun), designed by Jorge González Santana and sponsored by bottled water company, Fuentealta.

In 2017, the court was made up as follows:

  1. First Maid of Honour was Laura Rodríguez Jorge, with the costume named, 'Oración Caribe' (Caribbean Prayer), designed by Daniel Pagés and representing McDonald's and newspaper, La Opinión de Tenerife.
  2. Second Maid of Honour of Santa Cruz' Carnival was Samantha Rodríguez Abrante, with the costume entited, 'La Joya' (The Jewel), designed by Francisco de Borja Ledesma Abreu and representing Canary Islands' honey rum brand, Ron La Indiana.
  3. Third Maid of Honour was Carla Cabrera González, with a costume entitled 'Aguas de Victoria' (Victory Waters), by designer Santi Castro and representing shopping centre Centro Comercial Añaza Carrefour.
  4. Fourth Maid of Honour was Shaila Perdomo Quintero, with a costume entitled 'Alba', designed by Eduardo Martín Quintero and representing shopping centre Centro Comercial Alcampo La Laguna.
The theme of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival in 2017 was "El Caribe" (The Caribbean). The Carnival Queen Gala was directed (for the second consecutive year) by Enrique Camacho, and singer Jadel also repeated as master of ceremonies, this time accompanied by Andalusian artist Roko. More than 5000 spectators witnessed the gala live at the Recinto Ferial, an event for which tickets had been sold out just a week before. The Gala was broadcast live by Televisión Canaria and Televisión Española, through La 2 and TVE Internacional, being the year it had the most international coverage in the media. 

The Gala staged a cruise through the Caribbean, where there was a tribute to the carnival of different Caribbean countries such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc. Also during the Gala was a tribute to Antonio Messeguer, who said goodbye to the character to whom he had given life during the carnivals of the last four decades, Fidel Castro, with a great ovation from the spectators. 

2017 will also be remembered as the year of the inauguration of the Casa del Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a museum dedicated to the history of this emblematic festival.