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Monday, November 22, 2021

Both men and women will be able to compete in the galas of the Carnival of Santa Cruz 2023

A carnival gala in 2020

The Autonomous Organization of Fiestas and Recreational Activities (OAFAR) of Santa Cruz de Tenerife approved, unanimously, last Thursday, the creation of a working group with the aim of making the carnival galas in 2023 inclusive: so that those who compete in them can be both men and women. Councillor for fiestas, Alfonso Cabello, explained at the end of the Oafar Governing Council, “The Governing Council approved the convocation of the three Queen's Election Galas for next year, and at the same point on the agenda, an agreement was adopted so that the celebration of the following year, 2023, at least in the children's section, to make it possible to have a more inclusive Gala.

The work group is to find a way to make this full inclusion effective. The political parties of the opposition, the designers, as well as the Equality area of ​​the City Council will all be represented in this working group. 

“Gender or sex should not be a variable when choosing a winner”, added the councillor. Cabello admitted that it is a complex matter because the designs, which until now are obviously feminine, need to change to another type of fantasy. In any case, "I think that this is something the Carnival has overcome, because on some occasions a candidate has come forward who on her DNI was a man, and it has not posed any kind of problem."

In addition to this agreement, the Governing Council approved the tender for seven contracts, including those for chairs, scenography, security or cleaning. "The City Council is working so that the legal and administrative aspects are a given to celebrate the Carnival and that only the doubt that remains is the evolution of the pandemic", defended Cabello. 

Poster for Carnival 2022

Also Thursday, Fiestas announced the contest for the poster for Carnival 2022, inviting any person, artist or designers, individually or as a team, to submit a single work. The winner will obtain a prize of 2,500 euros and the ownership of the work will go exclusively to fiestas.