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Monday, November 15, 2021

Puerto de la Cruz presents the dates of its Carnival and Tenerife Summer Carnival 2022

Carnival 2022 in Puerto de la Cruz

The tourist city is already preparing for the celebration of one of its hallmarks, the International Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz in 2022. From February 17 to March 13, a new edition of a carnival that aims to restore normality after overcoming all the uncertainties of a pandemic that have especially punished the normal development of the activities of the carnival groups, the heart of this festival so ingrained in the city.

Along the same lines, the dates from September 5 to 11 are reserved for the next edition of the Tenerife Summer Carnival, a commitment that will allow the enjoyment of one of the most innovative events of the year: the Election of the King of the Carnival.

The dates underlined in red on the carnival calendar are, among others, the Gala for the Election of the Queen on February 24 and the inimitable Mascarita Ponte Tacón that will take place on March 4th, an event that arouses the interest of thousands of people, in addition to the Main Parade on March 5th. "This year we will be more creative than ever for the Mascarita not to lose an iota of its appeal in which the young and not so young give free rein to their talent and good vibes in a city which has always been characterized as the cradle of great entertainers”. This year, and after the suspension of 2021, the Extra edition of the Carnival will return, which will take place on March 11, 12 and 13.

In addition, 2022 is an important date for the International Carnival and it's the 50th anniversary of the twinning with the German city of Dusseldorf.