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Anniversary of the Chinyero eruption

Chinyero Volcano Image by Cornelia Schneider-Frank via Pixabay

Chinyero Volcano eruption 1909
The town of Santiago del Teide commemorates the eruption of the Volcán de Chinyero (Chinyero volcano), which started on November 18, 1909 and lasted 10 days, forming a small pyroclastic cone and a large network of lava flows. The last volcanic event in Tenerife, the Chinyero volcano, located on the summits of Abeque, currently has a Special Nature Reserve with an area of 2,379.4 hectares around the volcano. Today it is considered inactive, but there are those who speak of cycles of 100 years for the fury of the Earth to reawaken.

Chinyero is a stratovolcano and is very close to Teide. It reaches a height of 1,560 meters and its surroundings fall within, not only the territory of Santiago del Teide, but also other municipalities such as El Tanque and Garachico.

It began to be noticed, in the month of July 1909, with a series of seismic movements until giving rise, on November 18, to the definitive eruption of the Chinyero Volcano. The intense heat in the ground, the underground noises and the small earthquakes preceded what was a break in the ground that immediately produced the expulsion of a sea of lava. The first official communication of the episode taking place was through a telegram, sent at 11:00 a.m. by the mayor of Icod, which read: "According to telephone reports, there are evident signs of a volcanic eruption. South slopes of Teide, mountain of Las Cruces."

On the anniversary each year, after a commemoration mass, residents take the images of Santa Ana de Tamaimo, Santo Domingo de Guzmán and the Virgin of El Pilar de Las Manchas, to the place where the eruption began: the area known as El Calvario, where the residents in 1909, fearing being swept away by the lava, carried the image of Santa Ana in procession to the foot of the lava flows, which inexplicably interrupted their path and did not advance any further.

The commemorations also include the annual Crafts Fair in Santiago del Teide.

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