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Arona will not impose fines for making sand castles on its beaches: it is a hoax

Sandcastle in undisclosed location

A hoax is circulating that confuses a permitted activity – making children's castles in the sand  with the elaboration of large structures with sand

Arona will not impose fines for building children's sandcastles on its beaches. Confusion has apparenttly spread like wildfire in recent hours with a hoax that has even been echoed by several national media in Spain. Arona Council itself has had to respond to these reports. Arona Council wanted to counter the reports that have been made public on social networks, some of which have even reached the national media, which pointed to a supposed ban on making children's sand castles on the beaches of the municipality, which is false.

Apparently, the issue dates back to a draft ordinance from 2009, in which the limitation of the use of sand was being studied. However, at the municipality level there is still no beach ordinance, which is why the regulations, which come under the Demarcación de Costas (Coastal Authority) govern, which establishes that activities that occupy the maritime-terrestrial domain must have authorization from this department. It refers, not to the construction of the usual children's castles, but large sand structures, such as sculptures, which are seen on many beaches and which, in most cases, are linked to the request for money, to which produces the occupation of public space that, in addition, is seriously deteriorated.

In the event that you want to carry out an activity of those characteristics, it is necessary to request authorization, not from the Arona Town Council, but from the owner of this space, which is the Demarcación de Costas (Coastal Authority), who, following a municipal report, decide whether or not permission is granted.

All in all, there will be no fines for building sandcastles on the beaches of Arona, something that made headlines early this afternoon, even at a national level.

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