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Brunch in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Streets in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Mstyslav Chernov, CC BY-SA 3.0

The culture of brunch, that mix between breakfast and lunch, from the English breakfast + lunch (yes, the same word has been adopted in Spanish), has become very fashionable in recent years and enjoying a brunch in Tenerife is an excellent option for the weekend. For this reason, this list includes places from different parts of the island where you can enjoy a brunch in Tenerife.

Brunch in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Sabela Bar & Food Market
Sabela Bar & Food Market is in the centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, so it has an excellent location if the plan for the day includes a walk around the capital or a day of shopping. Many Google reviews highlight the salmon and black pork toast, along with fresh fruit juices and desserts such as apple puff pastry. In addition, it is one of the brunch places in Tenerife that has home delivery of breakfasts, with which you can surprise your partner, family or friends. Sabela Bar is an establishment that strives to present its brunch in Tenerife for 2022. Its breakfasts for one to four people are made up of hot drinks, croissants, homemade jams and natural goat yogurts with fruit. They include delicious sandwiches, such as the truffled mortadella with avocado and tomato.

Umami Good Food
Umami Good Food is characterized by being 100% vegan, a different alternative among brunches in Tenerife. It is a small and cozy space in the centre of Santa Cruz that has a healthy menu, of which many value its gluten-free options. 

Café Caramba
On Sundays, at Café Caramba, located on Calle la Marina, they prepare a brunch that, without a doubt, you have to try. To whet your appetite they serve pastries and toast with butter or jam. Next, you can choose between several starters such as the burrata foam with cherry tomatoes or the caramba table with roasted leg of pork and almogrote. And, to finish, the second courses, you can select from the Benedictine eggs or the salmon bagel, among others.

El Rinconcito de Dalia
Located in a small square in Santa Cruz, Rinconcito de Dalia has a brunch menu every day of the week. Composed of a table of Iberian ham, artisanal breads, homemade sponge cake, as well as fig jam and assorted fruit, it has everything necessary for its customers to leave with a good taste in their mouths. In addition, this little corner has some delicious cakes that, once you try them, you inevitably have to return.

Kocora Café
Kocora Café is located in the capital of Tenerife, specifically in Parque La Granja, where it has a terrace where you can enjoy the good Santa Cruz weather. Likewise, among the comments of its clients, they highlight the availability of different brunches. Orange juice, coffee, a selection of artisan breads, Canarian cheeses or toasts call you to try this brunch in Tenerife. The innovative interpretation of iconic Canarian recipes and the fusion between the Asian and the Mediterranean is the distinctive mark of Kokora Café. In their brunch breakfasts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife they prepare toasts with hummus, salmon and suckling pig, as well as fruit salads and charcuterie boards.

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