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Top 10 beaches in Tenerife south

Playa de Torviscas beach in Costa Adeje, Tenerife dronepicr, CC BY 2.0

The contrast between the beaches of southern Tenerife and those of the north is a wonderful example of the great diversity of spaces that exist in the Archipelago. While in the north the darker tones stand out with black sand and elements of volcanic origin, the beaches of southern Tenerife stand out for their golden sand, or light brown shades, which gives them a paradisiacal air.

1. Playa de El Médano

El Médano beach is one of the best known in Tenerife. It is ideal for practicing water sports such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, thanks to the weather conditions in the area, although it also attracts people who want to spend a quiet day at the beach, even though it is so well known for the wind there.

In addition, it has a perfect promenade to enjoy the coast and a wide variety of establishments to taste a delicious meal near the sea, from brunch places to places with international food such as Mexican or Lebanese.

2. Playa Abama

Located in Guía de Isora, it has that golden sand so characteristic of the beaches of southern Tenerife. On this small 100 meter long beach you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets, decorated with La Gomera on the horizon. It has a breakwater that makes this a quiet and pleasant beach for swimming.

In addition, the beach stands out for being next to the hotel that receives the same name, near which there is a free car park that is usually more crowded in summer and parking can be complicated. Lastly, to get to the sand you have to pass by the side of the hotel and go down some stairs or a stretch of road because, although there is a funicular, its use is for resort guests.

3. Playa de Diego Hernández

Also known by the people of Tenerife as the beach of the hippies or cove of the hippies, Diego Hernández beach has a beauty framed by its golden sand, crystal clear waters and beautiful views of the island of La Gomera.

This small cove is quite calm and it is convenient to visit at low tide, when there is more sand to lay out the towel, otherwise you can only stand on the rocks. Thus, being a wild beach, it does not have equipment such as loungers or umbrellas, which consolidates it as one of the best beaches in the south of Tenerife and where, in addition, it is common to practice nudism.

4. Playa del Camisón

Camisón beach is in Arona, in the south of Tenerife. It is a great beach to go with children thanks to the breakwaters that make it a quiet place to swim.

Near the beach there are quite a few hotels, making it an area with a large influx of tourists. In addition, it has access for wheelchairs, showers, sunbeds and umbrella rental service.

Likewise, its 350 meters of golden sand are distinguished with the Blue Flag, a pride for the beaches of Tenerife.

5. Playa de La Tejita

It is one of the most charming beaches in the south of Tenerife. Located in El Médano, Granadilla de Abona, it is decorated by the volcanic cone of Montaña Roja. The area, one kilometre long and 30 meters wide, has been classified as a protected natural area and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, as well as an ideal place to feel totally immersed in nature. In addition, nudism is allowed on the entire beach, although it is at one of the ends where it is most often practiced.

Likewise, this is one of the most visited beaches in Tenerife by those who want to do water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding or windsurfing, mainly due to the weather conditions of wind and waves most of the year. In the coastal town of El Médano, specifically on El Cabezo beach, the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Windsurfing Championship has been held for many years.

6. Playa de Fañabé

This clear sand beach is well known among Canarian residents, but also among tourists. It is in Adeje and is about 600 meters long, so given its extension, as well as its location, it usually gathers quite a few people, being one of the busiest beaches in southern Tenerife. No one can resist the good condition of its waters or the atmosphere that is created in the terrace areas.

Fañabé beach has all the necessary services to facilitate the comfort of its users such as sunbeds, toilets or showers. And not only that, it is also a beach where water sports are practiced.

7. Playa de Torviscas

It is next to the Fañabé beach and has an extension of almost 300 meters. It is not usually windy and there are not many waves either, making it one of the best beaches in southern Tenerife to rest and enjoy the good Canarian weather.

There is parking nearby, although in summer the number of people is higher and parking can be complicated. Thus, among its services is the rental of sunbeds, as well as footbaths, toilets and restaurants.

8. Playa del Duque

In Costa Adeje we find Playa del Duque, one of the best beaches in southern Tenerife to enjoy the good weather and a swim in calm waters, also distinguished with the Blue Flag. It is located in one of the island's tourist areas par excellence, so there are plenty of places to eat nearby.

This greyish sand beach is equipped with sunbeds, parasols, parking, changing rooms and toilets. For all these reasons, it is an excellent option to enjoy a day with the family in its more than 300 meters in length. Also, if you like fashion, in this area there is a shopping centre with a wide variety of big brand stores, where you can stroll after a fantastic day at the beach.

9. Playa de La Pinta

Its clear waters and golden sand characterize this Costa Adeje beach, which is located next to one of the main marinas on the island, Puerto Colón. Its breakwaters give it a secluded feeling that makes the beach transmit tranquillity and, with hardly any waves, it is great for the little ones. As in many beaches in southern Tenerife, in La Pinta you can enjoy a wide range of water sports.

10. Playa de Las Vistas

Las Vistas beach is in the tourist area of Los Cristianos, located specifically next to the Port of Los Cristianos and the beach that bears the same name.

It is one of the beaches in the south of Tenerife most frequented by residents and visitors alike, so it has a fairly high occupancy rate all year round. It stands out for being classified as an "Accessible Beach" thanks to the fact that it has facilitating elements for people in wheelchairs such as ramps or access walkways.

Las Vistas is a beach with calm waters, there are even lifeguards who make this a safer area to go with children. In addition, it has showers, toilets and the possibility of renting sunbeds, although resting on the golden sand is not a bad option. In this area there is also a promenade that connects with the beaches of El Camisón and Los Cristianos, great for enjoying the coast.

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