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Junior Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz 2023

Junior Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz 2023

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has elected the first of its three carnival queens, as Ione Díaz Serna, was chosen as Reina Infantil del Carnaval 2023 (Junior Carnival Queen 2023) in a gala held at the Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses yesterday afternoon (Sunday 5 Feb). Her costume, titled “Soñar con los ojos abiertos” (Dreaming with eyes open = Daydreaming) and designed by Daniel Pagés, represents McDonald's and El Día-la Opinión de Tenerife.

The four ladies-in-waiting that make up her court are: 
  1. First maid of honour, Paola Bello Navarro with the fantasy “Post Data: Te Quiero” (PS: I Love You), designed by Alexis Santana and representing Grupo El Cine; Abordo restaurant, and CRC San Benito and Santa Cruz.
  2. Second maid of honour, Nayara Plasencia Mesa with “Recuérdame” (Remember me), by Eduardo Martín, representing El Lajar de Bello restaurant.
  3. Third maid of honour, Carla López Alonso with the fantasy "Mi mundo de papel" (My world of paper), designed by Noé González de La Rosa and representing junior murga group, Infantilmónica Triqui Traquitos.
  4. Fourth maid of honour, Iraya Hernández Pérez with the fantasy "Chocolate y Carnaval, la mejor mezcla para brillar" (Chocolate and Carnival, the best mixture to shine), designed by Ruymán Pérez Jorge and representing the Comparsa Los Tabajaras Cultural Association.
The 13 candidates, divided into three blocks, with performances between, participated during the two hour gala before a live audience of 3,000 spectators.

The jury in charge of choosing the new queen of Carnival was made up of Cristo Rodríguez Torres, fashion and leather clothing technician; Elena González Ramírez, designer and instructor of creative and fantasy crafts; Beatriz de la Rosa Galván, fashion designer; Pedro Mengíbar González, president of the Cultural Hall of the Carnival of Santa Cruz; Marta Rodríguez Díaz, journalist and presenter for Televisión Canaria; Noemí Marcelino Ortega, costume designer for the MQP show, and Alejandro Fuertes García, actor for Timaginas Teatro and theatre teacher.

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