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Friday, February 20, 2004

Carnaval Takes To The Streets ...

Video: Coronación Reina del Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2004 (Coronation of the Carnival Queen of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2004). Carnival Queen in 2004 is Natalia Acosta Jorge in a costume entitled "Miércoles de luna llena" (Full Moon Wednesday), designed by Juan Carlos Armas and representing Bingo Colombófilo.

With the Carnaval Queen and her Maids of Honour having been elected in Wednesday's (Feb 18) Gala, Carnaval 2004 in Santa Cruz -- whose theme this year is a tribute to the late Queen of Salsa, Cuban-born, Celia Cruz -- is now ready to be taken to the streets.

Here are some of the most important dates, times (GMT) and locations for prospective revellers ...

Announcing Cavalcade of Carnaval 2004
Friday Feb 20 at 19:00 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Leaving from the Avenida de Belgica and passing through; Plaza de la Republica Dominicana, Avenida de la Asuncion, Plaza de la Paz, Rambla de Pulido, Plaza Weyler, Mendez Nunez, Rambla General Franco and terminating in the Avenida de Anaga. At the end of the Cavalcade is a firework display.

Coso Apoteosis (The Main Parade)
Shrove Tuesday Feb 24 at 16:00
Avenidas de Anaga and Maritima - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Burial of the Sardine
Friday Feb 27 at 20:00 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
(NOTE: This event has been moved from it's traditional Ash Wednesday slot this year.)
Starting from the Avenida de Belgica, the funeral procession will pass through; Avenida de la Asuncion, Plaza de la Paz, Rambla de Pulido, Angel Guimera, Imeldo Seris and Avenida Jose Antonio. The defunct sardine coming to it's final rest with a firework display on its arrival in the Plaza de Europa.

Junior Carnaval Parade
Saturday Feb 28 at 17:00 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
In the Avenidas de Anaga and Maritima, terminating at Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena, where the youngsters can take part in a big kids' party.
At 20:00 the Mini Cavalcade leaves the Plaza de Weyler passing through the streets of Castillo, San Francisco, Villalba Hervaas, La Marina, ending up in the Plaza de Espana

XXXIV Concourse of Classic Cars
Sunday Feb 29 at 10:00 Parque Garcia Sanabria
From 12:00 begins a circuit of the following streets: Numancia at the corner of Mendez Nunez, Mendez Nunez, Pilar, Villalba Hervaas, La Marina, Avenida de Anaga, Plaza de Espana, Angel Guimera, Plaza de Weyler, Mendez Nunez, Dr. Jose Navieras to the Hotel Mencey.

Dancing to the various orchestras begins at 23:00 on most nights in the streets and squares. There are many other events and attractions in-between. Further details can be found (in Spanish) at the Council's Official Carnaval Site http://www.carnavaltenerife.com

Also, almost all of these events are being shown on TV internationally, via http://www.tvcanaria.tv.
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