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Tenerife brings you Snakes on a Moped ...

(Pitón de la India albina. Photo: Diego Delso, License CC-BY-SA 3.0)

No doubt you've found yourself in this situation before: you buy a two meter long python and all the store gives you is this thin, crappy plastic carrier bag that wouldn't even support the weight of two yogurts. So you think to yourself, "What can I do to get this home through the many streets of La Laguna?"

And, after the appropriate amount of mature reflection, you come up with a plan:

"Oh yeah, I'll hop on my moped, wearing the python as a scarf!"

Never mind that neither of us has a crash helmet.

This news appeared in today's La Gaceta de Canarias apparently, but I've roughly translated this from an item at Canarias Bruta, which indicates that the only reason police were suspicious was the guy's of the lack of crash helmet.

We assume otherwise, he'd have been able to be "a bit more slippery?"

Once apprehended, the officers of the law then noticed that the rider had a yellow lump about his person, whereupon the said yoof showed them the receipt, proving that he had indeed just purchased Hissing Sid.

We've had Snakes on a Plane, Snakes on a Blog; Suddenly Snakes in a Cartoon seems a bit tame, but Snakes on a Moped just seems, well, kinda ... Dare I say it? Yes, bloody typical of this island! Last time, as Canarias Bruta also remind us, it was a goat on a moped. That time the animal was wearing a crash helmet.

Apart from wondering WTF people want such weird critters as pets for - what's wrong with a nice little, fluffy, pussy cat? - all I can add is this, paraphrasing Python Lee Jackson

Snake transporting dream broken, as he pushed his luck too far ...

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