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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Protected spaces in Tenerife

Protected spaces in Tenerife

A fascinating image - especially to those who still think that Tenerife is just a "resort" (the British press mainly) - is this diagram, showing the different kinds of protected spaces in Tenerife. Now, I will add the qualifier "in theory", but lets not get into a lengthy argument on how effective protections are.

For the most part, these are areas where you won't find much in the way of building, beyond already existing villages and, hopefully be unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future, while the flora, fauna and landscape come first.

The diagram shows the various designations, which I'll translate for those of you who are interested, from the Teide National Park, which is surrounded by an even larger Natural Park area, inside which is Mount Teide, itself declared a Natural Monument (you can see many other, smaller Natural Monuments).

Beyond that, there are various other areas of Protected Landscape, Integral Natural Reserves and Special Natural Reserves, the two Rural Parks, plus a myriad of other small sites of scientific interest dotted around the island.

Much more variety than you might have imagined, I think.