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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 29 August to 4 September

Adenium (Desert Rose) in Tenerife

A calima means another blisteringly hot start to the week with temperatures possibly reaching 34C. A yellow level weather alert covers the south, south west and east but not the north where temperatures should be around the 29C mark. From Wednesday things settle down with temperatures only varying by a degree or two on all coasts. There might be some showers during the second half of the week but these are likely to be in the hills and probably at night or early morning.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 29 August to 4 September

Monday, August 29, 2016

Tenerife Weather Forecast on 29th August 2016

Tenerife Beach

The warmest day over the next 14 days in Tenerife is forecast to be 30th August at 33°C (91°F) and the warmest night on 30th August at 24°C (75°F). The average temperature over the next 14 days is forecast to be 28°C (82°F) and there will be 11 days of sunshine . The average for August is 24°C (75°F) in Tenerife.

Tenerife: Weather Forecast

Friday, August 26, 2016

Designing Walking Holidays in the Canary Islands and other stories

Hiking in the Teide National Park

Designing Walking Holidays in the Canary Islands
 Usually, it takes an enormous amount of concerted planning, negotiating, effort, trial and error to compile a holiday that feels seamless. And sometimes, the line between a holiday’s success and failure undulates like one of the paths you’re trying so hard to showcase to your audience, like when we undertook to design an itinerant walking holiday on La Palma…

Mind how you stay safe in Spain
The Guardia Civil has issued a guide to keeping ourselves and our belongings safe while travelling in Spain, and the UK Foreign Office has also issued travel advice for visitors with mental health needs. Both deserve to be shared as widely as possible.

Trip to Tenerife the hard way for Isle of Wight charity riders
TWO teachers from the Isle of Wight, who cycled to Tenerife, have raised almost £2,500 in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Alex Oliver, 26, of Bettesworth Road, Ryde, who lost his grandmother, Joan Newnham, to cancer last year, decided to repay the charity for the care they showed her by doing the challenge.

Carnaval in Tenerife 2017
The Santa Cruz Carnaval 2017 will take place between 22 February and 5 March. The programme is still to be fleshed out, but the official website is HERE, and there’s a Facebook page HERE. After last year’s theme of The 1980s, 2017’s will be The Caribbean.

XXVI Feria de Artesanía Vilaflor de Chasna 2016
The Vilaflor Crafts Fair takes place this Saturday, 27th August 2016, from 10:00am to 6:00pm in the town's Plaza de San Pedro.

Hotel Sheraton La Caleta Charity Race in aid of UNICEF
The second Charity Race organized by the Hotel Sheraton La Caleta takes place at 10am on October 2, and the hotel says that it’s sure that the second run will be every bit as successful as the first, which raised over €3,000 for The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund within the annual Road to Awareness campaign. All the funds raised this year – 100% – will again be donated to UNICEF.

Güímar Pyramids museum longlisted for European Museum of the Year 2017
The Güímar Pyramids museum has been nominated for European Museum of the Year 2017. The ethnographic park says that it’s delighted to make the longlist for the award, which is organized by the European Museum Forum under the auspices of the Council of Europe. The Güímar Pyramids is one of 42 nominations of museums in 22 European countries – it is the only one in Spain.

Canarian cheese to feature at World Cheese Awards 2016
The World Cheese Awards 2016 will be held in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, this year’s European City of Culture, between 16 and 18 November. The competition is part of a wider International Cheese Festival which is recognized as the most important in the world for cheese producers. This year, Canarian cheese will be heavily represented, say deputy director of the primary sector Abel Morales, festival director Luisa Villegas, and José Díaz-Flores, director of the Canarian Food and Agricuture Institute.

T3 in Tenerife trained 19 Rio medallists including two British gold winners
It has been established for some time now as a top-rate international sports training centre, and now Tenerife Top Training can literally claim Olympic standard with Rio Games competitors who trained in T3 facilities here in Tenerife bringing back 19 medals – 6 gold, 8 silver and 5 bronze. 

Oktoberfest in Puerto de la Cruz
The Plaza de Europa will be the focus of Puerto de la Cruz’ annual Oktoberfest this Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 August. The event starts at 7pm on Friday, but will be open from noon on the Saturday. In the square and its surrounding streets there will be stalls of beer and food, accompanied by traditional German music and dance. 

Arona reminds residents that pet registration is compulsory
Arona has reminded residents in the borough that they are required to register their pets in the municipal census. As I say HERE, the registration of pets is legally required, and this is done at local Ayuntamientos, even though some are more conscientious than others. Arona says that it has some 2,400 pets registered in its animal census, and reminds the public that registration is free and straightforward, and apart from being a legal requirement, helps to improve services and focus health alerts.

Our favourite places for a promenade stroll on Tenerife
The places we consider best for a promenade stroll are ones which have a blend of ingredients like having attractive views, somewhere nice to have a drink and also possessing a quality which makes them stand out from other locations.

National show jumping championship in Centro Hípico del Sur, Buzanada
The Centro Hípico del Sur equestrian centre in Buzanada will be home this weekend to a national show jumping championship that will bring international-level riders from all over the country to the Canaries, including the current Spanish “young equestrian” champion. 

New Housing Benefit limits for claimants going abroad
The new rules, which came into force on 28 July, prevent claimants from taking long drawn-out trips outside Great Britain while receiving taxpayer help with their rent, as well as bringing Housing Benefit into line with Jobseeker’s Allowance and other working age benefits, which already have stricter limits.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 22 to 28 August

Garachico rock pool

The coming week is looking like more of the same with the south and south west due for another mainly sunny week and the north and east having a sunny first half but mixed second when there might be more showers.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 22 to 28 August

Friday, August 19, 2016

Where is Playa de las Américas? ... and other pressing questions on Tenerife

Promenade Playa de las Américas

Where is Playa de las Américas?
Some people might raise sceptical eyebrows at this point, especially those who have visited Playa de las Américas many times over the years and know exactly where they’ve been laying out their towels on the sand/sunbed.

Drone captures moment daredevil idiot walks along dangerously high walls of a seaside ruin
The video shows thrill-seeker Ruben Alonso Bizarro walking along the narrow walls of the decrepit building, called La Gordejuela. The drone footage shows the building, covered in graffiti, sitting along the blue seaside edge.

Canarias Surf Film Festival 18-21 August in Hotel Villa Cortés
The Canarias Surf Film Festival starts today in the Hotel Villa Cortés in Playa de las Américas and will feature all sorts of films about surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing and skating. The films are made by local, national and international directors, and there will also be photography exhibitions, special guests and music performances. The festival moves around the Canaries, and its temporary home in south Tenerife lasts until 21 August.

10 revealing things to look for in Tenerife travel articles
How can you tell the difference between a travel article/blog by a writer who has visited the places on Tenerife they’ve written about and one by someone who hasn’t? It’s not always easy. The internet means writers have access to all sorts of information about destinations. The best copywriters can write with authority about places they have never visited.

Feria de Artesanía de San Bartolomé en Buenavista del norte 2016
Crafts Fair in the Plaza de los Remedios in Buenavista del Norte on Sunday, 21st August 2016, brings together some seventy artisans. During the day, there will be Canarian folklore performances, and tasting of typical local products; wine, cheese, sweets, liqueurs, jams ...

Tenerife service stations join “gesture to the scenery” campaign
Service stations operated by CEPSA, BP, TGas, Petrolífera Canaria, and Oceano join the campaign, which aims at raising awareness on the importance of maintaining the roads clean as they form part of the Spanish island’s landscape.

Taking a peek at our walking routes in Anaga on Tenerife
Despite its proximity to Tenerife’s two cities, La Laguna and Santa Cruz, Anaga is wildly remote; a rugged, demanding terrain which has deterred all but the few hardy souls who work the land, toiling on narrow scars cut into steep precipices. Nature rules supreme in Anaga. Fail to show due respect and the land will swallow you up.

Barbados Port enters agreement with Tenerife counterpart
THE BARBADOS PORT Inc. (BPI) and the Port of Tenerife, Spain signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a sister port relationship this morning.

Muro in Tenerife, Spain
The mural is a psychedelic representation of the local landscapes and textures that can be found in Tenerife. The sea, the volcanos or the ceramic sculptures are appearing into the faces of the local indigenous which are called “guanches”. They are symbolizing the mysticism of an ancestral culture.

Bus-lane scheme will ease congestion woes
TENERIFE Cabildo has completed the first round of meetings with the Canarian Government’s Ministry of Public Works, and the municipalities of La Laguna, Tacoronte, El Sauzal, La Matanza, La Victoria, La Orotava and Santa Ursula regarding the proposed new bus-lane project.

The great population boom
THE South of Tenerife is booming in more ways than one, because the tourist explosion has led to a population boom! The economic pull of tourism, and everything relying on that, has had a direct impact on population growth in areas close to the tourist resorts. The Canarian Institute of Statistics (Istac) suggests that the population of the South will continue to rise 7.5%, year-on-year, until 2019.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 15 to 21 August

Huevos del Teide (Lava Beads), Teide National Park

It should be almost perfect weather across most of Tenerife this week with temperatures staying around the upper 20sC on all coastal areas. It will be mostly sunny but there could be showers in parts over the weekend. Showers might not sound like perfect weather for anyone visiting but after weeks and weeks of dry weather, a brief dampening down at this time of year is something the island desperately needs. If rain does come it’s unlikely to last long anyway.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 15 to 21 August

Friday, August 12, 2016

A summer of live music on Tenerife and other stories

Painted stones.

A summer of live music on Tenerife
A sultry evening, good food, live music, a buzzing friendly atmosphere and a Mount Teide backdrop. Those are pretty seductive ingredients, and ones we get to lap up a lot during summer months on Tenerife.

Bay swim – travesía a nado – in Alcalá tomorrow
This year, the swim starts at 10am from playa de La Jaquita and swimmers will make for Playita de Alcalá, near the Plaza del Llano, a race of 1,500m. Nearly 150 swimmers will be taking part.

Monday, 15 August is a public holiday
Just a reminder that next Monday, 15 August, is a public holiday for Asunción (Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven), the fiestas patronales for the whole island, and the focal point of the celebrations is the veneration of the Virgin in Candelaria itself. Banks, most offices and many shops will be closed.

Travesía a nado in Los Cristianos Monday 15 August
If you’re wondering what to do on the bank holiday next Monday, 15 August, you could always pop into Los Cristianos where the 4th Travesía a nado will be taking place at Playa de Las Vistas. 

XXIII Muestra Folclórica de los Pueblos – summer’s traditional dancing in El Médano
Granadilla Ayuntamiento has announced the 23rd Muestra Folclórica de los Pueblos, a very popular annual event that sees El Médano’s plaza full of dancing and entertainment from 9pm each evening between 15 and 21 August. 

Cabildo announces major improvements to TF66 Valle San Lorenzo to Guaza road
The Tenerife Cabildo One announced yesterday that it has approved an investment of €2,164,730 in improving the TF66, the major arterial road that runs from Valle San Lorenzo to Guaza, and providing links to Buzanada, Cabo Blanco and la Camella.

Tenerife Walking Festival 2017
The last two years have been a great success, and it seems that the event continues to build on its own success. The Cabildo says that the festival offers “routes among Tenerife’s most spectacular natural surroundings. varied and appealing complementary activities, and its characteristic spirit of environmental respect will again be the identifying mark”.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 8 to 14 August

Guanche statue in Candelaria.

It should be mainly sunny in most places with the north experiencing cloudy spells on some days. It will be another hot week with temperatures in the upper 20s for most of the week. However, a weather alert has already been issued for Tuesday and Wednesday when shade temperatures in the east, south and west are expected to reach 34C. The north escapes the alert as shade temperatures should peak at 31C. Moist cloud would be welcome for some of this week at least as this is the time thousands of Canarios make their way across the island on foot to honour the Virgen de Candelaria. Subsequently the risk of forest fires increases. Every year at this time we desperately hope none of the pilgrims get careless with cigarettes etc.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 8 to 14 August

Friday, August 05, 2016

The art of authentic Canarian dining and other stories

There's more to Canarian dining than wrinkled potatoes.

The art of authentic Canarian dining
But there’s one piece of the jigsaw I’ve left out till now. All of the comments mentioned were in English language reviews. Most Spanish language reviews were positive, describing the restaurant I knew. That speaks volumes – it shouts from the rooftops the big difference is a cultural one. One group is schooled in the art of Canarian dining, the other isn’t.

New wind farms to be built in Tenerife and Gran Canaria
The Ministry of Trade for the Canarian Government has given the go ahead for eight new wind farms to be built across the archipelago. The farms, that will produce nearly 110 MW of power, will be based in Arico, in Tenerife and Agüimes, Gran Canaria. The paperwork was signed off today by minister Pedro Ortega, and it is hoped that the farm will come online in the next 2 years.

Foot To The Pedal At Food Truck Festival
 The Food Truck Festival did look alluring on the forecourt of the cultural centre, there were five trucks converted to serve specialist food and drink, two large bouncy castles, and a stage loaded with speakers, amps, and a microphone being given the old one two test.

Relax in a Rural Setting, Review of La Casona del Patio in Santiago del Teide
This is the second time we’ve stayed in this hotel, the first was shortly after it opened when it had a different name. Since then it has led somewhat of a troubled life, management of it changing hands a few times over the years since its inauguration. It’s a place whose renovation we watched for years, looking forward to the time it would be open for business. La Casona del Patio is a unique hotel in an absolute peach of a setting – for us it’s the best Tenerife location for a rural hotel because you can step straight onto an number of very different walking trails. It’s a hotel with massive potential. But it has never been managed effectively… until now.

Alcalá’s Virgen de Candelaria fiesta, with the famous Toste Brothers fireworks on 15 August
Apart from being the patron saint of Tenerife and of the town of Candelaria itself, the Virgen de Candelaria is also the patron saint of Alcalá on the west coast … and every August, during the town’s fiestas patronales between the 12th and 17th, there is a fireworks display which has become known as the place to see fireworks in south Tenerife. The fireworks are organized by the Los Realejos Toste brothers, who have put on the exhibition, involving hundreds of kilos of gunpowder, for over 80 years.

Tenerife gives British visitors a big warm Brexit hug
Give a Brit a big warm hug is an initiative which was implemented in July to reassure British visitors that no matter what happens following June’s EU referendum vote, the friendly Tenerife welcome they’ve been used to over the years will remain exactly the same.

Adeje joins Arona in banning electric scooters for all except the disabled
Only last week Arona explained that its clampdown on electric scooters would see fines and confiscations for use in pedestrian areas unless they were ridden by a disabled person at walking pace. Now, Adeje has joined Arona and announced that it has passed its own decree banning electric vehicles on footpaths, pedestrian zones and public spaces.

Tenerife PWA World Cup: El Médano
After the opening wave event of the year in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria, the elite of the wave sailing world now head to El Médano, Tenerife, for the second stop of the 2016 PWA Wave World Tour.

Cabildo under pressure to complete Tenerife ring road
The Canarian government has said that works on the final stretch of the Tenerife ring road should be started soon. The project, estimated to cost in the region of €300m, will see the road between Santiago del Teide and El Tanque upgraded, following on from the completion of the latest stage of the TF-1 and TF-5 roads. The Cabildo of Tenerife now says that it hopes works will commence in 2017.

Diveragosto – Fun August in Arona municipality
Arona Ayuntamiento’s Culture Department has announced a series of events in August for all the family. The programme – Diveragosto (FunAugust) – is in three parts: open air cinema screenings throughout the municipality; water activities in the borough’s main plazas; and fun workshops in libraries.

High Praise For Santiago Del Teide
Pride of place at the top goes to a statue of Our Lady Of Lourdes, placed in a small cave next to an old spring in 1990. The walk up doesn’t take long but offers increasingly wonderful views over the small town. What a great way to spot the main influences in the history of Santiago del Teide, the pine forests, the lava fields, and even the new ring road bursting through the mountainside  tunnel.

Collapsed road faces even more upheaval
CABILDO President Carlos Alonso believes is “very likely” that the access to Punta de Teno, in Buenavista del Norte, where the road collapsed last month, will be severely disrupted over the next few weeks. And vehicle access will be entrusted solely to public-transport company Titsa. The road damage appears to be worse than initially thought and it will take a bigger repair job, and more time, to resolve.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 1 to 7 August

Pidgeons in Santa Cruz

The week starts hot and sunny everywhere on Tenerife and more or less stays that way until Thursday, although there will be a bit more cloud in the north and north east than in the south and west. It looks like there could be another weather alert on the horizon as temperatures are predicted to soar everywhere on Friday and Saturday before settling down again on Sunday. The only exception to the pattern in most parts is Santa Cruz.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from to 1 to 7 August

Tenerife Fiestas in August 2016

Basilica de Candelaria, Tenerife during the Fiestas de Candelaria.

August is a month that's packed with fiestas and romerías, but the biggest event in August each year is the Peregrinación a Candelaria (pilgrimage) and fiestas in Candelaria, which take place on the 14th and 15th of August. The most popular part of the annual celebrations is the Ceremony of the discovery of the Virgin of Candelaria, which takes place in the Plaza outside the Basilica on 14th August from about 7:30pm.

August 15th is a National Public Holiday for Asunción de la Virgen (Assumption).

Other major celebrations taking place this month are the Romería de San Roque in Garachico on 16th August and the Corazones de Tejina around 24th August.

August fiesta dates for your diary:

- 6th August: Fiestas Patronales in La Matanza de Acentejo.
- 7th August: Romería in honour of Ntra. Sra. de La Esperanza in La Esperanza
- 13th August: Bajada de las Hayas in honour of Ntra. Señora de La Esperanza in La Guancha
- 15th August:  Pilgrimage to the Basílica de Nrta. Señora de La Candelaria in Candelaria
- 16th August: Romería de San Roque in Garachico.
- 17th - 25th August: Fiestas de Santa Barbara in Icod de los Vinos.
- 21st August: Fiestas of San Joaquín (Joachim) in Fasnia.
- 24th August: Fiestas of San Bartolomé in Buenavista del Norte.
- 27th August: Romería de San Agustín in Arafo.
- 28th - 29th August: Fiestas of María Auxiliadora in Fasnia.
- 30th August: Fiestas in honour of Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) in El Tanque.

Municipal fiestas (where shops and offices will be closed in the local area specified) this month:

- 6 August: Día de El Salvador in La Matanza de Acentejo.
- 8 August: Festivity of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza in El Rosario.
- 16 August: Festivity of San Roque in Garachico.
- 22 August: Fiesta Patronal de San Joaquín in Fasnia.
- 22 August: Monday of the Fiestas Patronales in La Guancha.
- 24 August: Festivity of San Bartolomé in Buenavista del Norte.
- 29 August: Festivity of San Bernardo in Arafo.
- 29 August: Festivity of San Roque y San Agustín in Vilaflor.
- 31 August: Festivity of Nuestra Señora de Buen Viaje in El Tanque.

Romeria San Roque y San Agustin Vilaflor

Image: By JZ85 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
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