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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ash Wednesday: Burial of the Sardine

The sardine on the way to its funeral 6 March 2019

What more can be said about the Burial of the Sardine, which this year takes place on Wednesday 26 February 2020. It has already been described as blasphemous, rude, pornographic. All true. Surreal is applicable, but even if you put these all together and times whatever level of weirdness you imagined by a thousand, you'd still come nowhere near. And yet it was as safe, friendly and accessible as any other night at carnival (and a whole lot more so than any average Saturday night in a British town.)

(Right) just a few regular guys on 'boys night out' at the Burial of the Sardine in Santa Cruz.

Oh and you'll encounter people with seriously and hilariously impaired judgement. I've no idea what they were on, but impaired enough to come up to this dodgy character (left), request photos with him like he was some sort of tourist attraction and ask "¿Es de verdad?" (Is he for real?) I kid you not. No boys and girls, this 'nun' is my husband in a cheap ebay fancy dress. It did add to my amusement for the night. 

We were able to catch up with my friend Lee de Caires, better known by most for ¡Qué Gran Viaje! - see video below - but alas I didn't stay for the sardine's cremation as I had nasty flu. At least that gives me a good excuse to go back another year, doesn't it? 

More coverage from Mírame TV Canarias and in this video from about 2 hours 30 minutes in, you can see the sardine arrive at the Plaza de España, the fireworks and it's cremation. Oh and the setting up for the cremation and a worried looking fireman.