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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tickets for Santa Cruz Carnival Parades

View from the stands for the Rhythm & Harmony on 2 March 2019

Firstly, let me assure you that you DON'T NEED tickets to go to and watch any of the carnival parades, in Santa Cruz or any other town on the island, but you CAN buy tickets to get a few extra comforts and conveniences. Last year, we bought tickets for the gradas (stands) alongside the Plaza de España for both the Rhythm & Harmony Comparsas on the Saturday evening and for the Carnival Main Parade on Shrove Tuesday.

You get a seat with a decent view, very close to the parade and in the area where the TV cameras are located. The paraders often interact with the public in the stands, with some coming into the stands themselves, so it would be difficult to get any closer.

The catering was a snack van round the back of the stands and there was a queue, so you might want to bring your own snacks and water if you don't want to miss the parades. There are also portaloos inside the stands area that are only available to those with tickets.

The hostesses usher people into the available seats, though I found them accomodating to old age, reduced mobility and vertigo preventing me from climbing higher. They'll probably also give you a silly hat to wear, which clearly someone has paid for to get their promotion on tele, but isn't a bad idea in the heat. And you may get to perform in a Mexican wave or two, but if you're not up for such activities, you probably won't like carnival anyway!

This year, Atlántico Excursions are the online seller of a variety of tickets for the carnival parades:

VIP tickets, from 60 Euros, are also available for the Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen at the The Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses this Wednesday 19 February 2020.

And just in case you're at all concerned, these are the official carnival products, promoted by Santa Cruz Town Hall and the carnival organising department.

The ticket selling website is in English and there are options for seats with or without transfers and guides to and from hotels in both the south and north of the island if you require that. There are also options for just the transfers without the seats in the stands, if you prefer to to have the flexibility to find standing room along the parade route.

These tickets can also be purchased in person, from the Casa del Carnaval (Carnival Museum), Calle Aguere, 17, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, between Monday 17 February until Saturday 22 February, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife themselves manage the chairs that line the carnival route, which come at a cost of a mere €2.50 each. I imagine those are popular!

Members of Comparsa Los Cariocas interract with the public in the stands during the Main Parade