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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Candidate for Senior Carnival Queen 2020

Candidate for Senior Carnival Queen 2020: Emma Sánchez Lojo

The focus usually is on the winners, but we want to show you all the candidates for the carnival queens in Santa Cruz in 2020, who all deserve recognition for taking part.

There will be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021, although the City Council is working with the Carnival groups in the design of some activities that can maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated

Emma Sánchez Lojo | Gala de la Elección de la Reina | S/C Tenerife 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette)

Tortilla Española - Spanish Omelette

Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) is, more often than not, the breakfast of choice in Tenerife, probably because, when it's served in bars, you usually have to be early to be one of the lucky ones to get a slice. But you could make it any time, for lunch, or tea, or supper ... It uses economic and basic ingredients (if you can get them on your solo visits to the supermarket currently), is easy to make and is pretty much comfort food. 

For 4 people

Potatoes 700 g
Onion 300 g
Eggs 6
Olive oil


Start with caramelizing the onion, which will take about 30 minutes. To do this, peel the onion and cut it into julienne strips. Then put them in a frying pan over very low heat and let them cook very slowly, stirring occasionally. We're not interested in the onion being browned but being cooked very slowly, so the onion caramelizes in its own natural sugars.

While the onion is cooking, peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices, trying to ensure that all of them are uniform in size. Leave them in water for 15 minutes, then place a frying pan with plenty of olive oil on the heat. Without giving the oil time to heat up, add the potatoes and let them fry very slowly, starting from almost cold. This way we get the potatoes to confit instead of browning. After about ten minutes, stirring from time to time, raise the heat to get some of the potatoes to be more toasted.

Once cooked, remove the potatoes and drain them well from the oil and put them in a large bowl. Drain the onions and add them to the potatoes. Beat the eggs and add them to the bowl, season and stir with a fork so that the ingredients are mixed well.

Return the mixture to a frying pan with a tablespoon of oil and fry for about three or four minutes and turn it over to cook on the other side.

Image: Joy / CC BY

Friday, March 20, 2020

Citizen Care Network in Santa Cruz

Twin towers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The tourists may soon all be gone, but that still leaves many residents and semi-residents, particularly older people, who may need help and, it's also nice to see the good that's coming out of this dreadful and frightening situation.

In Santa Cruz a Citizen Care Network has been created for residents. The platform, created through Facebook, offers its help to people from risk groups to buy food or medicine.

As has already happened in other municipalities such as La Laguna, in Santa Cruz the Citizen Care Network has been created by anonymous neighbors who, concerned about how the state of alarm could affect the most vulnerable people, especially those in groups at risk or with reduced mobility, are providing free assistance to these people. "We are organizing a neighborhood support network that can meet the most basic needs (shopping, going to the pharmacy, taking out the garbage, walking the dog, etc.) to those who need it," they explained in the presentation. They clarify that, at all times, they will act without profit and with the hygiene and safety measures dictated by the health authorities.

Those people who need the help of this network can contact their members through the Facebook page itself, by email (redcuidadossantacruz@gmail.com) or one of the following numbers: 631 359 557/609 313 484 / 660 950 503/628 736 918. 

They also invite as many people who are not within the risk groups and want to join this help initiative to get in touch through the WhatsApp group: https://bit.ly/2IUKpyP.

Image by Dušan Smetana from Pixabay

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Candidate for Junior Carnival Queen 2020

Candidate for Junior Carnival Queen Ainoha Torres Rodríguez

The focus usually is on the winners, but we want to show you all the candidates for the carnival queens in Santa Cruz in 2020, who all deserve recognition for taking part.

There will be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021, although the City Council is working with the Carnival groups in the design of some activities that can maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated

Ainoha Torres Rodríguez | Gala Reina Infantil | S/C Tenerife 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Goodbye tourists: Health Department orders the closure of all hotels and tourist accommodation in the country

Playa de las Américas in normal times

The Ministry of Health has ordered the suspension of activity of all hotels and tourist accommodation, campsites and caravan parks located anywhere in Spanish territory "until the end of the state of alarm" to contain COVID-19.

With this order signed yesterday, March 17, and which came into force the same day, the Minister of Health, Salvador Lila i Roca, makes 'zero tourists' effective in Spain.

This suspension of activity, as detailed in the document, “will take place at the moment in which the establishment no longer has clients to attend to, and in any case, within seven calendar days from the entry into force of this standard ”.

As the only exception, tourist establishments are allowed to open to the public “that house clients who, at the time of declaration of the state of alarm, are staying in a stable and seasonal manner, provided that its occupants have the infrastructures, in their own residential spaces, to carry out the activities of first necessity in the terms established by Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, for managing the health crisis situation”.

The justification for this decision is that the concentration of people in tourist accommodation that must share certain common spaces, "implies an increased risk of contagion.” These measures "will last until the end of the declaration of the state of alarm and its possible extensions," the ministerial order details.

The resolution clarifies that exceptionally, "the provision of surveillance, security and maintenance services in these establishments is allowed".

Although this 'zero tourists' was unimaginable just a week ago, today it responds to the demands of numerous union, health and hotel management voices that considered it paradoxical and absurd that the resident population be confined to their homes and that, at the same time, the entry of tourists is allowed as well as the operation of tourist accommodation establishments.

Adiós turistas: Sanidad ordena el cierre de todos los hoteles y alojamientos turísticos del país

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ninety percent of species in Puerto de la Cruz' Jardín Botánico were damaged in the recent calima and high winds

Ficus macrophylla at the Jardín Botánico in 2016

There are some specimens that were almost completely lost while others have suffered damage to their foliage and broken branches.

The damages were not as bad as in the storm of November 2010, which practically destroyed the Botanical Garden of Puerto de la Cruz, which was closed for almost a month in order to recover to normal. However, over the weekend in February - when the worst sandstorm in 20 years also disrupted carnival celebrations - the garden, the second oldest of it's type in Spain, suffered important consequences due to the winds and calima that affected 90% of the species, which were damaged with broken branches and many lost leaves because the extremely hot air, which exceeded 30 degrees, burned them.

This 18th century garden offers an interesting and extensive sample of flora from different corners of the world, tropical and subtropical plants of great economic and ornamental value. Its 20,000 square meters house trees of remarkable beauty and interest due to their size, age, rarity or origin. The damages cannot yet be quantified economically because the diagnostic work that requires checking each tree's state and analyzing the “rain of branches” that are fallen continue. "We have seen how big but some species are missing," confirms the center's director, Alfredo Reyes Betancort.

Among the most affected are the Ficus macrophylla, considered to be the most emblematic and monumental tree in the garden, which looks very deteriorated because the wind has removed 50% of the leaves. The garden has almost completely lost a kentia (type of palm) with two heads called Howea belmoreana, a specimen that is not very common.

Reyes says that the plants "are quite strong and in general, over time, they are recovering." However, when the specimens are between 60 and 70 years old an important story is lost.

The garden closed its doors temporarily to complete the diagnosis and to undertake cleaning tasks. "The main problem is the branches that have been damaged and many of them hanging in the treetops with the danger that entails," says Reyes. The cleanup began with those plants in the walkways to be able to guarantee the safety of visitors.

The Jardín Botánico y de Aclimatación de La Orotava (Botanical and Acclimatization Garden of La Orotava), was created in 1792 to acclimatize species from America and Asia, since the tests carried out in the royal gardens of Aranjuez and Madrid did not offer the expected successes due to the rigor of winter. Each year it receives more than 300,000 visitors, to its interesting collection of 1,500 subtropical species. The garden has a specialized library, a herbarium with 30,000 samples, a germplasm bank, a nursery and other facilities that make it an important scientific research center. The Botanical Garden was the first tourist attraction in Puerto de la Cruz and, since since the 19th century, has been an obligatory visit for all foreign travelers or hikers who arrived on the island.

Jardín Botánico Puerto de la Cruz

Friday, March 13, 2020

More suspensions, postponements and cancellations of events in Tenerife

The Rastro de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Sunday morning flea market) has also been suspended

News of suspensions, postponements and cancellations, due to the evolving situation regarding the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, keep coming in. Santa Cruz City Council has postponed cultural, social and sports activities, including the “Triatlon Ocean Lava”, scheduled for Sunday 15 March and “Tecnológica 2020”, due to take place between 19 and 22 March. The VII Descent Mountain Bike to Suculum, organized by the Department of Sports, and which was scheduled for March 29 is also postponed.

The Rastro de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Sunday morning flea market) has also been suspended, as the Canary Islands Government Health Department has ordered its cancellation. This measure will remain in force as long as it is the Order of the Ministry of Health, which establishes that "collective activities in closed or open spaces that involve, or are estimated to involve, a concentration of more than 1,000 people are suspended or postponed in the Canary Islands Autonomous Community."

It also details that “in the cases in which these activities are carried out in spaces with a capacity of less than 1,000 people, they may only be held if only a third of the maximum authorized capacity is occupied, in order to guarantee an adequate separation space between the participants” and concludes that “these restriction measures apply to public, recreational and leisure shows, cultural, religious, sports or similar activities, regardless of whether they are offered by a public or private owner, operator or organizer ”.

Santa Cruz has closed libraries, the School of Music and cancelled shows at the Teatro Guimerá.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council has also postponed the activities of “Madurez activa” (Active maturity) and “Deporte en la playa” (Sport on the beach) which are aimed at older people and are held every week throughout the municipality, because they concentrate a large number of people who are part of the population at most risk.

The Cabildo de Tenerife (Island Corporation) has suspended activities, closed day centers and prohibited events at the Recinto Ferial (Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses) during the months of March and April and has assumed the losses caused by the suspension of shows at the Auditorio de Tenerife.

Buses and trams have been undergoing exhaustive cleaning over the last few days and it's being studied whether doors can be made to doors of the trams will open automatically, from Friday, at every stop to avoid people touching and operating buttons.

The Teleferico del Teide (cablecar) remains open, but with user restrictions.

Childcare services, the Jacaranda nursery school, the Ludoteca de La Vera and the Matilde Téllez day center in Puerto de la Cruz, will be closed to the public for 14 days, a measure that also extends to the Music School, the Popular University, the Isabel Acosta study room and the corresponding teaching hours in this period related to the Employment plans that are being executed in the municipality. In addition, all municipal sports facilities where clubs carry out their activity will be temporarily closed, while those in the social and cultural sphere have been regulated for use. The flea market normally held at the Municipal Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays has been suspended.

La Laguna has opted to suspend events in the run up to Semana Santa (Holy Week) and will take a decision on 26 March whether the events at Easter will be celebrated. And the Santuario del Cristo de La Laguna will be closed for the next 15 days.

Granadilla de Abona has suspended all leisure and cultural activities.

All motorsports competitions are suspended in the Canary Islands.

We've already covered the suspension of Los Cristianos and other carnivals.

And all schools have been closed for 14 days, starting from Friday 13 March.

Since I mostly deal with upcoming events here, I'm going to take this opportunity to take a break, because there will be nothing to list until the situation changes and events are either reprogrammed for new dates, or cancelled entirely. In the meantime, there are some pretty pictures coming up of the various carnival components from Carnival in Santa Cruz this year. We'll cross our fingers that the dates of the 2021 Carnival wont be affected.

The Local Government is asking for citizens to collaborate, so that these control measures are effective (with more cancellations listed here).

Information lines about COVID-19

Photo by Mataparda / CC BY

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Candidate for Junior Carnival Queen 2020

Candidate for Junior Carnival Queen Nayara Vera Siverio

The focus usually is on the winners, but we want to show you all the candidates for the carnival queens in Santa Cruz in 2020, who all deserve recognition for taking part.

There will be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021, although the City Council is working with the Carnival groups in the design of some activities that can maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated

Nayara Vera Siverio | Gala Reina Infantil | S/C Tenerife 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Los Cristianos Carnival Suspended

Massive Events Suspended in The Canary Islands

The evolution of the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic in recent days has led the Arona City Council to decree today the suspension of the events of the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, which was scheduled to start tomorrow and extend until the 23 March with the participation of thousands of people, both residents and visitors.

This decision is part of the battery of measures adopted by the different public administrations; Governments of the State and the Canary Islands, as well as the Executive Committee of the Canary Islands, which also includes the municipalities and which met this morning to try to contain the epidemic throughout the national territory, trying to ensure the maximum safety of the population.

The Arona City Council has reported in a note that it has been in constant coordination with the health authorities of the State and the Autonomous Community since the first cases of Covid-19 appeared in Spain, adapting at all times to the recommendations of the experts.

The evolution of the epidemic in recent days led the Arona City Council to carry out an express and written consultation with the Government of the Canary Islands regarding the celebration of the Los Cristianos Carnival.

This, added to the decisions adopted by the Council of Ministers, the Executive Committee of the Canary Islands and the Government Council of the Canary Islands has led the Corporation to make the decision to suspend the party to preserve the safety of the participants.

It will be the evolution of the epidemic and the recommendations of the experts that establish whether it moves to another date or if it is definitively canceled until next year, as explained today by the Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, who has chaired a meeting in the City Council, accompanied by the councilor of Fiestas, Pura Martín.

Both the mayor and councilor have stressed that "while it is true that suspending Carnival is paralyzing an important activity for the municipality, the safety of our residents and visitors has been and will be the priority for the government of Arona at all times," he added.

Suspenden el Carnaval de Los Cristianos (Tenerife)

When we hear if there are new dates, or a definite cancellation, we'll let you know.

As well as the suspension of 'massive events', the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has announced today the suspension of activity in the clubs and social centers for the elderly for the next fourteen days, as well as visits to the social and socio-sanitary residences for the elderly, while they are going to restrict visits to hospitals, although with some specificities in services such as Pediatrics or Palliative Care.

Sports competitions that are held between islands and do not involve a massive presence of people are maintained.

There were also carnival events programmed for this weekend in Candelaria, Granadilla de Abona and in Los Gigantes. Whilst we do not have any specific information about these, it can probably be assumed that they will also be affected under the label of 'massive events'. Carnivals in the South of Gran Canaria and in Fuerteventura are also suspended.

UPDATE 12/3/2020: It is now confirmed that, following government recommendations, the carnivals in Candelaria, Granadilla de Abona, Arona (Los Cristianos) and Santiago del Teide (Los Gigantes), as well as in La Guancha, have all been suspended.

Carnivals of the World 2021

Carnivals of the World

The theme of carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2021 has been announced this morning. A total of 19,904 votes were cast online and the results were as follows:

6. Far West with 9% of the vote
5. Africa 13%
4. The Amazon 16%
3. Otaku - Japan of the 21st Century with 19%
2. Ancient Greece 21%
... and, in a very close first place, the winner is Carnavales del Mundo (Carnivals of the World) with 22% of the vote. 

So in 2021 we can [hopefully] look forward to a tour of the parties of Notting Hill, Nice, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, Cádiz, Santa Cruz de La Palma and Cologne.

UPDATE: There will be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021, although the City Council is working with the Carnival groups in the design of some activities that can maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated

Friday, March 06, 2020

Carnival in Granadilla de Abona

Granadilla Carnival Poster 2020
There are still plenty of carnival events taking place on the island this weekend, even if the big carnivals are over. Granadilla de Abona is going with an Egyptian theme this year for their carnival celebrations that take place between Friday 6 March and Sunday 15 March.

Friday, March 6: Opening Parade in Los Abrigos from 7:00 p.m. from the Agua Dulce square to the Church square.

Saturday, March 7: Daytime Carnival in the central square of El Médano from 11.00 a.m. to 01.00 a.m.

Sunday March 8: An Afternoon Murgas in the square of the culture of San Isidro from 18.00

Friday, March 13: Election Gala of the Carnival Queen in Los Hinojeros park in Granadilla from 9 pm

Saturday March 14: Great Coso Apotheosis (Main Parade) of the Carnival through the main streets of Granadilla from 5 pm

Sunday March 15: Burial of the Sardine in the Los Hinojeros park in Granadilla from 17.00

There's also Los Gigantes Carnival 2020, which takes place between 6 March and 14 March, plus a few more carnival related performances at Siam Mall again this weekend. And you have until 10 March to help choose the theme of Santa Cruz Carnival 2021

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Cleaning up after Santa Cruz Carnival

Cleaning up after Santa Cruz Carnival

It's always interesting (well, to me anyway) to look back at the numbers at the end of carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife each year and this year is no different.

The city's [frankly heroic] special cleaning service collected 375,845 kilos of waste during the Carnival 2020 campaign (quite a reduction from the 444.700 kilos collected in 2019). The 87 workers who formed the special cleaning operation (an increase of 15%) also collected 27,440 kilos of plastic containers for recycling. Again, considerably less than the 36,700 kilos collected in 2019, which may be as a result of the use of more reusable containers. A total of 3,679,420 liters of water (potable and purified) have been used for the cleaning and 3,115 liters of cleaning products, deodorizers and disinfectants.

The Red Cross 'Carnival Hospital', this year has attended to 686 people, just five more than the previous year's 681. Of the total, 574 were adults and 112 minors, almost 20 less youngters than last year. Some 46 percent (318 cases) needed help due to excessive alcohol consumption; 14 percent due to trauma and falls (93 cases); nine percent for poisonings derived from narcotic substances (59 cases); and seven percent due to injuries related to some type of aggression (47 cases), including three with knife wounds.

Yes, zero would be great, but on balance, given the numbers of people, still a pretty good and safe record. In police matters it has been similar to that of other editions.

As last year, there were around 1,500 police and security for the carnival events. The National Police's «Operation Elvis», designed to ensure safety during the activities of Carnival 2020, processed more than 500 police declarations, with 31 arrested for different reasons, among others; one for sexual assault, three for drug trafficking and three for robberies with violence. There were also 341 minor infractions; for possession and consumption of drugs on public roads (321), for possession of prohibited weapons (9) and transfers to the Police Station for identification, because they are undocumented (8).

There were more or less the same numbers of carnival attendees as last year, certainly for the concerts by Tonny Tun Tun and Carlos Vives on the climactic final Saturday, when the carnival organisers estimated attendance was around 450,000 - actually a 50,000 increase on the record breaking 400,000 for the equivalent event in 2019.

The Carnival Museum has seen record numbers of visitors in the first two months of 2020.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Santa Cruz Tenerife Carnival Program 2021

The parade approaches. Coso (Carnival Main Parade) Tuesday 5 March 2019

UPDATE: There will be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021, although the City Council is working with the Carnival groups in the design of some activities that can maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated

This provisional program, though based on the schedule from previous years, is subject to change, but suggests that carnival events in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021 might look like this. We'll update as soon as the carnival organisers publish an official calendar.

Highlighted are the events and parades in the streets.

  • Friday, 15 January: Inauguration of Carnival 2021
  • Thursday, 21 January: 1st Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Friday, 22 January: 2nd Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Saturday, 23 January: 3rd Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Sunday, 24 January: Festival of Coreographed Groups
  • Monday, 25 January: 1st Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Tuesday, 26 January: 2nd Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Wednesday, 27 January: 3rd Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Friday, 29 January: Final of the Murga Contests
  • Saturday, 30 January: Contest of Musical Groups
  • Sunday, 31 January: Gala Election of the Junior Carnival Queen
  • Wednesday, 3 February: Gala Election of the Senior Carnaval Queen
  • Friday, 5 February: Comedy Song Contest
  • Saturday, 6 February: Comparsas Contest
  • Sunday, 7 February: Costume Contest and the Rondallas Contest
  • Tuesday, 9 February: Concert with lyrical group Los Fregolinos
  • Wednesday, 10 February: Gala Election of the Carnival Queen
  • Thursday, 11 February: Festival of the Zarzuela
  • Friday, 12 February: Opening Parade
  • Saturday, 13 February: Rhythym and Harmony Comparsas
  • Sunday, 14 February: Daytime Carnival
  • Monday, 15 February: Carnival Monday
  • Tuesday, 16 February: Carnival Main Parade
  • Wednesday, 17 February: Burial of the Sardine
  • Thursday, 18 February: Festival of Rondallas
  • Friday, 19 February: Children's Carnival Parade and Festival of Prizewinners
  • Saturday, 20 February: Daytime Carnival
  • Sunday, 21 February: Exhibition and parade of vintage and classic cars, end of carnival party and carnival closes with a firework display

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Choose the theme of Santa Cruz Carnival 2021

Choose the theme of Carnival 2021 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Help choose the theme of the second-biggest carnival in the world, the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2021. Voting is open until 10 March 2020 and there are six proposed themes to choose from, listed below. (Only one vote in 24 hours per IP address.)

1. Carnavales del Mundo (Carnivals of the World)

A tour of the parties of Notting Hill, Nice, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, Cádiz, Santa Cruz de La Palma or Cologne.

2. Amazonas (The Amazon)

The green paradise, the natural diversity, the exuberance of the wild. Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela inspire us for a carnival with its essence.

3. Otaku - El Japón del Siglo XXI (Otaku - Japan of the 21st Century)

Disguise yourself as your favorite manga character, sing in a Karaoke, take your ‘mecha’ for a walk and face Godzilla on the north pier, cosplay from the geeks movies will flood the streets of Santa Cruz.

4. África (Africa)

Nants ingonyama bagithi babaa! The endless cycle in our beloved continent. A blue Tuareg who walks with his camel Or maybe a visit to Wakanda? The possibilities are endless.

5. Far West

Cowboys between bison, endless railroads, duels in the sun and Indians of a thousand tribes and ethnicities. The gold rush, the gorse rolling on the ground ... Or maybe humanoid robots from a park set in the far west?

6. La Antigua Grecia (Ancient Greece)

The Trojan Horse in the Prince's Square, the Pythonesses, the Spartans, Hercules and their 12 tests, the Minotaur in his labyrinth and Ulysses embarked to the end of the carnival.

Vote here!

Monday, March 02, 2020

Tenerife Carnival Dates for 2021

Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2021 Carnival Poster

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival

This year virtual carnival events take place between 17 February and 7 March, culminating in a television gala, ‘Santa Cruz, Corazón del Carnaval’ (Santa Cruz, Heart of Carnival). 

UPDATE #2 08/10/2020: Santa Cruz suspends Carnival 2021

There will be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021, although the City Council is working with the Carnival groups in the design of some activities that can maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated. 

The dates that Carnival 2021 should have been celebrated: Inauguration on Fri 15 Jan 2021. Contests would then have taken place from the following Thu 21 Jan 2021, until their climax with the Election of the Carnival Queen on Wed 10 Feb 2021. Carnival would have then taken to the streets with the Opening Parade on Fri 12 Feb 2021, with the Main Parade on Shrove Tuesday 16 Feb 2021, culminating on Sun 21 Feb 2021

UPDATE 08/10/2020: In the current conditions of development of the pandemic, it is impossible to set a date for the celebration of Carnival 2021. The current situation means there is still no news on choosing a date for carnival next year, which they had hoped to have decided and announced in September and, instead it is looking very much like IF, rather than when, Carnival 2021 can go ahead

UPDATE 23/07/2020: Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been postponed to the second quarter of 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The city council will choose the final date in September 2020 and in consensus with the carnival groups. Three options are currently being considered: April, May or July 2021. New dates will be listed here.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2021 will take to the streets between Friday, 12 February 2021 and Sunday, 21 February 2021.  The main events will likely be:

  • Wednesday 10 February 2021 - Election of the Carnival Queen
  • Friday 12 February 2021 - Carnival Opening Parade
  • Tuesday 16 February 2021 - Carnival Main Parade
  • Wednesday 17 February 2021 - Burial of the Sardine
  • Saturday 20 February 2021 - Daytime Carnival 
  • Sunday 21 February 2021 - Parade of Vintage Cars

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival

  • Thursday 11 February 2021 - Election of the Carnival Queen
  • Saturday 13 February 2021 - Proclamatory Parade
  • Wednesday 17 February 2021 - Burial of the Sardine
  • Friday 19 February 2021 - Men´s Marathon in High Heels
  • Saturday 20 February 2021 - Main Parade
Puerto de la Cruz Carnival is also being celebrated online this year.

Los Gigantes Carnival

The start of carnival in Los Gigantes is usually on the Friday ten days after Shrove Tuesday. Therefore, using the any year schedule for Los Gigantes carnival, we calculate that their carnival should start on Friday 26 February 2021, with their main parade being held on Sunday 28 February 2021, but will update if we get any further information.

Los Cristianos Carnival

As ever, we won't even guess when Los Cristianos carnival will be held in 2021. We will update if or when any information becomes available from the authorities in Arona. 
If you wish to be informed when information about Los Cristianos Carnival 2021 becomes available, may I suggest that you subscribe to our email updates, or our news feedfollow our Facebook page, or our Twitter tweets, or all of them, or whichever is your preference, as whatever I post here will also be posted to all of those social media.

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Tenerife Fiestas in March 2020

Los Cistianos (Arona) Carnival Coso Apoteosis (Main Parade)

With the big carnivals in the north coming to an end on March 1, the party moves to the south of the island with Los Gigantes Carnival starting on Friday, 6th March 2020, with their main parade being held on Sunday, 8th March 2020

Then Los Cristianos Carnival is taking place from from 12 to 23 March, with their Coso Apoteosis (Main Parade) being held on Sunday 22 March 2020.

There are no public holidays in March and neither are there any municipal holidays in the month either. There is only one Romería confirmed at time of writing, the Romería de San José in Barranco Hondo (Candelaria) on Saturday 21 March and the Orvecame Norte Rally takes place on Saturday 28 March. That's enough, isn't it? 

50th Parade of Vintage Cars in Santa Cruz

Parade of Vintage Cars celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Once more, coinciding with the final Sunday of carnival, on 1 March 2020, the Vintage Car Club of Tenerife has organised its Parade of Vintage Cars, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year, with the participation of some authentic jewels.

This year there is a change of route: the cars will meet, from 10:00 am, as usual in the García Sanabria Park, with entrance through Méndez Núñez Street. The departure is scheduled at 12:00 hours through the same entrance, to go along Doctor José Navieras street, Rambla de Santa Cruz to the crossing of the Comandancia de Marina, go up to the roundabout of Las Asunciones, go down San Street Sebastián to La Salle, cross the Galcerán bridge, go through Weyler and Méndez Núñez squares to Las Flores clock, go down El Pilar street, Villalba Hervás and La Marina to Francisco La Roche avenue, pass through the Cabildo, Correos and Casino de Tenerife and end up parking on that avenue. The events will end with lunch at the Real Casino de Tenerife.

More images from the Domingo de Piñata 2019