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Tenerife in September 2021

Baile de Las Libreas, El Palmar Photo: Buenavista del Norte Town Hall (More images)

In June the Department of Festivities announced the dates of the Tenerife Summer Carnival 2021, to be held from September 6 to 12 in Puerto de la Cruz. Necessarily, the preparations are being carried out with caution. As last year, there will be no mass events or parades.

However, after the hiatus of last year, Puerto de la Cruz recovers the celebration of what will be its second Carnival King Gala, elected for the first time in 2019 and Televisión Canaria, has just committed to broadcast the gala, to be held at the Lago Martiánez on September 10. Organisers announced that there are sixteen contestants for the King of Summer Carnival this year, double the number from the first edition.

Spanish singer Marta Sánchez is the first of many artists confirmed for the Tenerife Summer Carnival 2021. The famous singer will be one of the artists who will participate in the Gala for the Election of the King of the Summer Carnival 2021, to be held on September 10 at the Martiánez Tourist Complex and that will be broadcast on TV Canaria and streamed on social networks.

Summer Carnival Program 2021

  • On Monday, September 6, inauguration with the raising of the Carnival flag and opening the Carnival of Tenerife exhibition in the hotels of the tourist area of Costa Martiánez. Start of the Ruta Gastronómica del Trampantojo (Trampantojo Gastronomic Route).
  • Tuesday, September 7, will be the day designated as Germany Day. For this, an official reception of the delegations will be welcomed, the inauguration of the medal exhibition and a gala dinner.
  • On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of September, the “Carnival Trends” Forum with performances by some of the carnival groups.
  • Official presentation of the Carnival on Friday, September 10 with the long-awaited and unique "Gala del Rey del Carnaval" (King of Carnival Gala), with the participation of the most emblematic groups of the northern carnival and Marta Sánchez, among other artists.
  • Saturday, September 11, has been the day chosen for the celebration of the Summer Carnival Parade that will take place inside the Lago Martiánez and will be broadcast on television.
  • Sunday September 12, the closing ceremony of the festivities.

Marta Sánchez estará en el Carnaval de Verano de Puerto de la Cruz

The emblematic Fiestas del Cristo in La Laguna this year will celebrate cultural events in their traditional location of the Plaza del Cristo, after being severely restricted last year. On Sep 14th, the big day of the festivities, the pyrotechnic display returns at 11:30 pm. This year they have fireworks that considerably reduce noise pollution by almost 60%. There will be a fun fair in the space attached to the square.

Events began last Friday with the reading of the proclamation of the festivities, on horseback, through the streets, a tradition that had not been carried out since 1984.

The main religious events begin on 9th Sep, with the descent of the image in the sanctuary at 11.00 hours, as is tradition, and in the afternoon procession with the Brotherhoods and the Army Artillery Regiment in the Plaza del Cristo.

On 14th Sep at 11.00 the solemn mass in the square, after which, the figure of Christ would return to his sanctuary at noon. That night, the plan is to celebrate mass again in the plaza, accompanied by the Achamán group.
Among the cultural events, the the symphonic concert returns to the Plaza del Cristo on Friday at 9:30 p.m. The Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra will interpret themes from Mexican folklore, accompanied by typical instruments and four voices: Fabiola Trujillo, Mara Pérez, Manuel Estupiñán and José Santana.

In addition, the Plaza del Cristo will also host, as always at 9.30 pm, the Night of Humour, on Saturday; the Reggaecan Festival, on 9 Sep; the Youth Festival of the City of La Laguna, on the 10th; the Sabandeños Festival, on the 11th; the Day of Traditions, the 13th; and the Night of Orchestras, on the 14th, "as a stage show, without dancing" stressed the mayor. The Teatro Leal will also be the scene of performances such as that of Pablo Milanés, on the 11th; Fimucité, on the 17th; Ainhoa Arteta, on the 18th; or an acoustic one by MClan, on the 24th, among other cultural, sporting events and exhibitions.

This September, the town of Tacoronte is dressed again for a party, creating a space for meeting and devotion around the figure of Cristo de Los Dolores, in whose honour a wide program of cultural and religious events will be held. The Plaza del Cristo will be transformed into an open-air stage.

The festive program began on Sunday, September 5, with the reading of the Proclamation of the Festivities by Juan Fajardo, the artist responsible for making Tacoronte's traditional Corpus Christi carpet for more than 30 years. The rest of the program will run until October 2, although one of the highlights of it will be the Octava del Cristo, on September 26, a Sunday in which the traditional procession will not be held, following indications of the Diocese, to avoid crowds. However, there will be a liturgy for the Eighth day, the Craft Fair and a closing of the festivities by Los Sabandeños on this same Sunday.

Craft Fair

The craft fair will return on Sunday of the Octava del Cristo (September 26). Both the Proclamation and the two Eucharists will be broadcast by Canal 4 Television. The Eucharist on Saturdays, September 18 and 25, will be celebrated at 6:00 p.m., with the display of fireworks at the end of the subsequent sacred concerts. On Saturday 18, La noche del humor (A night of humour), after the fireworks and La Noche Joven (Youth Night), on September 22, as well as a children's show on September 23. On Saturday 25, after the fireworks display, there will be a tribute concert to Queen and the next day, a performance by Los Sabandeños, to close the cultural program.

There are no national public holidays in September, but these Municipal Holidays:
  • 7 September: Festivity of Nuestra Señora del Socorro in Güímar
  • 8 September: Festivity of Nuestra Señora de la Luz in Los Silos
  • 8 September: Festivity of Nuestra Señora de Abona in Arico
  • 8 September: Festivity of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios in Tegueste
  • 13 September: Festivity of San José in San Juan de la Rambla
  • 14 September: Festivity of the Most Holy Christ of La Laguna.
  • 20 September: Santísimo Cristo de la Dulce Muerte in Guía de Isora
  • 29 September: Festivity of San Miguel Arcángel in San Miguel de Abona

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