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Christmas Eve menus in the Canary Islands

Although an eternal spring persists in the Canary Islands, Christmas is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as everywhere else. Christmas in the archipelago is not white nor do you expect to see Santa Claus transporting his gifts in a sleigh on the snow; The sun continues to shine, but even so these celebrations are the most endearing, familiar and full of traditions of the year. The traditional prevails in the gastronomy of the islands, with numerous Canarian Christmas recipes with which to share these important dates with the family.

The Canarian recipes for Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) are made for all tastes, with a wide variety of dishes and ingredients that allow all the palates of the family to be happy. The typical Canarian Christmas meals cover all types of gastronomy, from fish and meat to snacks and sweets. If you also water these delicacies with the magnificent wines of the different denominations of origin of the Fortunate Islands, the success will be complete.

If you are going to celebrate a Christmas lunch or dinner in Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, San Sebastián de la Gomera or in any of the wonderful cities and towns of the Canary Islands, you have a wide range of foods and recipes to celebrate the holidays with the aroma of the best island tradition.

Quesos canarios (Canarian cheeses)

Tender, creamy, cured … the assortment of Canarian cheeses is extensive and delicious. Each island has such excellent cheeses as Palmero, Majorero, Media Flor, etc., and they are the best appetizers to start the festivities.

Morcilla dulce canaria (Canarian black pudding)

Like Canarian cheeses, these sticks of sweet blood sausage are great to start the table during the feasts of the holidays. Very tasty and light, in addition to the blood sausage itself, this recipe includes almonds, raisins, aromatic herbs and spices, with a simply spectacular result.

Pata de cochino asada (Roast pork leg)

A starter that adds shine to any table. These exquisite pig feet are flavoured with garlic that is introduced into the meat through small incisions. The skin is decorated in the form of a square mosaic and is smeared with lard. Baked, the dish is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside that is to die for.

Cabrito en adobo y albóndigas de conejo en salmorejo (Goat kid in adobo and rabbit meatballs in salmorejo)

Two of the most classic Canarian Christmas recipes that make up two magnificent starters. Both dishes are a tribute to the senses and a way to start lunch or dinner in style. In adobo kid, the meat is marinated with sauce or adobo, while the meatballs are bathed with the traditional Canarian salmorejo and served with basmati-type rice.

Pescado encebollado (Fish with onions)

Recipes with seafood cannot be absent in the Canary Islands, where they are one of the great foundations of its gastronomy. The fish most used during the Christmas holidays are cod and cherne (grouper), which are made with onions and accompanied by wrinkled potatoes with red or green mojo, other classics of island cuisine.

Lapas a la plancha con mojo verde (Grilled limpets with green mojo sauce)

Very simple recipe and also very popular in the Canary Islands. With very few ingredients (limpets, olive oil, parsley, coarse salt and the classic green mojo) you have a dish with a delicious seafood flavour that any fan of good food will fall in love with.

Crema de salmón (Salmon cream)

A perfect first dish made with salmon, potatoes, vegetables and milk. Although its preparation is somewhat slow (you will need about an hour), it results in a delicious dish for which it is well worth the wait a bit.

Conejo al salmorejo (Rabbit in salmorejo)

One of the Canarian Christmas recipes par excellence, which is usually served as a second course and which is a guarantee of success due to its simplicity and flavour. An infallible bet that, requires the meat to be marinated for a full day.

Postres canarios (Canarian desserts)

The icing on the cake (pun intended) of a good Christmas feast are some of the many wonderful Canarian desserts. The best way to end meals with a smile before moving on to sparkling wines, cavas, and other spirits over lively table settings. Let's see some of the essentials: 

Truchas de batata (Sweet potato turnovers)

OK, trucha actually means and translates to trout, but no, they are not fish for dessert! Canarian turnovers with sweet potato are puff pastry filled with sweet potato, lemon, almond, egg yolks, sugar, cinnamon and anise. An explosion of flavour typical of the Christmas season in the archipelago that provokes a real enthusiasm in the whole family.

Dulces tradicionales (Traditional sweets)

The typical Canarian desserts are the best finish for any menu, and there is a good variety on the islands: Tejeda almond polvorones, gofio mousse, Moya sponge cakes, almond cheese ... they are perfect as culmination of banquets.

The Canarian Christmas recipes are a real gift to enjoy these endearing holidays in the company of the family and with the privilege of being able to do so in a spring climate. But don't be surprised if you see Santa Claus carrying his gifts in shorts and on a surfboard.

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