Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Flavours of a Canarian Christmas

An assortment of Christmas Sweet Delicacies

We feel a roundup of some of the Christmas recipes we've published over the years is called for although we're entirely unapologetic that they're almost exclusively sweet treats. The truth is that we find it almost impossible to resist them. In Spain, Christmas Eve is usually celebrated as a family, dinner consisting of seafood (particularly langostines), cured meats (especially ham and Iberian products) and some other dish that the family considers special and at the end of the meal they eat turrón, drink and sing Christmas carols.

There are also the Secret Christmas Recipes of Tenerife Nuns and Frangollo, a Canarian Dessert, which although not locally touted for Christmas has all of the flavours we associate with the season. For Los Reyes on 6th January, Roscón de Reyes (Crown of Kings). And finally, one token savoury: Solomillo al Aguere (Pork Tenderloin Aguere Style)