Friday, December 10, 2021

The Canary Islands registered the fourteenth coldest month of November since 1961

What better than a picture of the desert when we're talking about [relative] cold?

The Canary Islands have registered the fourteenth coldest November since 1961 (which is such as weird number to make 'news' of that it was irresistible), at the same level as those of 2005 and 1971, with a negative anomaly in the average temperatures of -0.9 ºC, more accentuated in the eastern islands than the western, in which the behaviour was cold.

According to the climatological information from State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) the pluviometric behavior (rainfall to you and me), both at the regional level and in the western islands, was dry and very dry in the eastern islands and the rainfall, divided into two episodes, contributed just 54% of the expected amount.

On the other hand, November 2021 was the eighth driest start of a hydrological year since 1961, accumulating 40% of the expected precipitation in its first two months.

At Tenerife North and La Palma airports they were notably deficient in hours of sunshine.

At 10 meters from the surface, the wind blew with less force than usual and in the maritime zone of the Canary Islands there were no anomalies in the temperature of the sea surface water, which was very close to the average values.