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Twelve secrets to welcome in the New Year

Do you want to know how to receive 2023 in the best way? Do you wish prosperity for the New Year 2023? 

We knew about wearing red underwear and eating the twelve Uvas de la Suerte ("lucky" grapes), but this is next level. All superstitious nonsense, of course, but any help is probably welcome ...

1. Lentils

So that you do not lack food and luck. Ten minutes before midnight, take a handful of lentils and put them in your pockets and purse and keep some in your right hand.

2. Underwear

Yellow: If you want to be very lucky during the year.

Red: If you want to find true love and passion in your life.

Green: To give strength to your health.

3. Wristband:

Buy a red ribbon to attract lasting love and passion into your life and tie it around your left wrist into a bracelet. You can also buy a pink one and put it with the red one, this will help you find unconditional and pure love.

4. Suitcase:

If you want to travel during the year, take a big suitcase, you don't need to put clothes in it, just run out at 12:15 and go around the block from your house. The longer the turn, the farther you'll go.

5. Candles:

Gold: To attract money and abundance into your life.

Red: To fan the flame of love.

Pink: To find an ideal love in your life.

Blue: To achieve your professional goals or change jobs.

Green: For health.

Yellow: To attract business.

White: To heal any relationship or simply acquire peace.

Purple: To transmute the negative into positive and remove all the bad energies from your life.

6. Red Apple:

Write around it: "I (your full name) want to find a love that respects me, loves me and makes me happy. Likewise, that I can make that person happy and love and respect him." Pour a little honey around it and finally, a little cinnamon powder, leave it on a plate in your room or wherever you want for seven days. 

7. Bath:

With red and pink rose petals and honey, for love.

With sea salt to ward off envy and cleanse you.

With chamomile to heal the soul.

With sugar and eucalyptus to forgive.

8. Silver:

Have in your right pocket, 200 euros or 100. (And if you're poor?)

9. Luck and love:

When you greet the new year, greet someone of the opposite sex first so that you don't lack love. If you can, invite a trusted man who is not from the family, at 12 o'clock to add a touch of luck to everyone's life.

10. The 12 grapes:

When eating the 12 grapes and making your wishes for the New Year, learn to ask from the soul and without demanding, and you will see how the universe fulfils your wishes.

11. A glass of champagne:

Put a gold ring in the glass. Drink the drink (do we need a warning here to take care not to swallow the ring?) and then take the ring out and put it on and don't take it off if possible during the year.

12. For your house:

In the corners of your house put lemons cut into four, which will remove envy and bad energy. Sprinkle a few coins under the beds, buy a beautiful aloe vera and put it at the entrance; those will bring you good luck.

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