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You probably won't realise this - people often address me as if they think I'm some sort of large company or corporation - but there's just one person behind this blog, just me keeping up with the news and events in Spanish and translating all of the information you see here single-handedly, which is read by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people daily. Following the stats; seeing which items are most popular and the nature of the questions I'm asked, it's obvious that the information is useful or at least interesting. When carnival events can be held normally, I'd go so far as to say that people rely on it to get dates and details in English, which I know are not produced this fully anywhere else.

But, while I've been content for this to remain a labour of love, I pay out of my own pocket to keep the site online and have no income to cover it. So I'm asking for your help. Here are various ways that you can support Secret Tenerife:
  1. Book accommodation through my links. If you were looking for somewhere to stay on the island anyway, it won't cost you any more.
  2. Book an excursion. Again, if you were looking for activities anyway, it won't cost you any more if you book them through my links.
  3. Take a Free Tour of La Laguna. You are only asked to 'pay as you feel' for this activity, which is only like leaving a tip. Currently, they pay me a quid.
  4. Do your sub-tropical Christmas Shopping here. Excusive designs that are different and just bit of fun. They pay me a tiny percentage of the sale.
  5. Make a donation. No matter how small, it all helps cover the costs.
Other ways to help that will cost you nothing

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