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Teno Alto Wooden Chariot Race

Wooden Cars Racing

Apparently, this goes on all over the island, with enough interest for an Asociación Carros de Madera de Tenerife (Tenerife Association of Wooden Cars) and even a Campeonato Isla de Tenerife de Bajada de Carros de Madera (Island of Tenerife Wooden Chariot Championship), of which the edition in 2012 was the XXXI (31st, by my count). That year, it had taken place in Teno Alto (a tiny hamlet in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte) in early September. 

Bajada being the opposite of subida, which in rally parlance translates to hill climb, so this is a hill drop - the carts apparently being merely gravity and willpower driven. Have you seen the drop at the sides of the road?