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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Bienmesabe, Punta Hidalgo style


Various culinary preparations are known with the name "bienmesabe" (it tastes good to me), throughout the Spanish-speaking world, not always desserts, with the most varied ingredients. In the Canary Islands it is a traditional dessert, made with almonds, sponge cakes, egg, sugar and lemon. Its origin is probably Arab, but in the islands it has taken on its own nature. From the hand of the Municipal Market of La Laguna, today we bring a recipe for this dessert provided, a few years ago, by Carmen Melián, aunt of Chago Melián, and this is how the «bienmesabe» of Punta del Hidalgo in Tenerife is made.


½ Kg of sugar
2 glasses of water
¼ Kg of almonds, peeled and ground
8 yolks, beaten


Prepare a syrup, putting the water and sugar on the heat. It is ready when the syrup reaches the thread stage. Separate a little of this syrup and reserve. To the rest of the syrup, add the peeled and ground almonds. Stirring over low heat, let it cook little by little; when the almonds "jump" it is a sign that the preparation is at its point. Away from the fire and stirring continuously, add the beaten yolks, a little at a time. Cook in a bain-marie until the yolks take color. Pour everything into the dish in which it is to be served, placing some thin biscuits dipped in the syrup for a few minutes at the bottom. Serve cold. 

(In the video version below, lemon and cinnamon are added.)