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The five most famous markets in Tenerife

Household products on a stall outside the Nuestra Señora de Africa in Santa Cruz

The markets in Tenerife are in fashion. Over time, they have expanded to offer a much more varied offer for both tourists and island residents.

Currently, it's possible to find a large number of markets in Tenerife, which is another attraction for the island. In addition, it is important to note that the areas and days do not overlap, so they can all be visited without problems. 

Distributed throughout the island, these spaces offer everything from food products to antiques, all with an unique Tenerife touch. In the south of the island you can find objects from almost anywhere in the world. For example, it is possible to buy antiques from Brazil or Morocco, as well as buy classic food products from the peninsula. These markets contrast with those located in Tenerife North, more focused on crafts and gastronomy.

The first stop is at the Puerto de la Cruz market, one of the most unusual. It is a space dedicated to the sale of fruit, meat and fish, although it also has an area with clothes, books and antiques. The areas are separated and everything is marked by an excellent organization. Along with this, we must highlight the typical crafts of the island, where you can buy from ceramics to quality footwear.

The second option is the Los Cristianos market, which is held every Sunday morning. Located on the beach that bears his name, you can buy handicrafts, textiles and fabrics made by hand. Likewise, it is a market that offers second-hand products for sale, such as vinyl records or high-quality decorative objects.

The third market to highlight is the Rastro (flea market) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is organized every Sunday morning on Calle José Guimerá, in front of the Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias (Canary Islands Government Presidency) building. Without a doubt, it is an authentic flea market where you can find all kinds of objects in its more than 700 stalls. It has a long history, as, although it's been in this location since 1991, it was previously located on Anaga Avenue. Among the products that can be purchased, there are small electrical appliances, kitchenware and decorative objects. In addition, it has some surprises, such as local and international food dishes, an attraction for many people on the island.

Residents and visitors of Costa Adeje, can stop by the market located by the sea. Located in one of the areas with the best hotel infrastructures, it is highly oriented towards tourism. It takes place twice a week and offers jewellery, bags, footwear, clothing, accessories and souvenirs of all kinds.

The mercado del agricultor (farmer's market) in Taroconte is a mandatory stop for people who love fresh products. This market is one of the most authentic in Tenerife and is held on Thursdays and Sundays in the morning. In operation since the 1980s, it is one of the markets with the longest history in Tenerife.

All in all, it would be difficult to choose the best market in Tenerife, but with these options you can choose to suit each person. In any case, the different markets offer everything that people need for day to day. Likewise, shopping at these markets in Tenerife on Sundays or any other day of the week helps to improve the local economy, which is an added value.

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