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Dust off your lightsaber: ‘Science Fiction’ to be the theme of Santa Cruz Carnival 2022

Stormtrooper S/C at the Casa del Carnaval with Mayor José Manuel Bermudez and Councilor Alfonso Cabello. Theme of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2022: Science Fiction. 

The calima was the protagonist of the Santa Cruz Carnival in 2020, which, for many, was an omen of what would come later. After a year of pandemic, the Carnival of 2021 was a virtual, on screen party only. For this reason, the Carnival of 2022 is for many the party of revenge, that of "goodbye pandemic, hello vaccine." At least that is how it it is being interpreted from the level of participation in the vote to choose the theme for next year's Carnival, the largest in recent years, with almost 6,000 people. And among the three proposed themes, Science Fiction emerged as the clear winner, with more than half of the votes.

As acknowledged by the Councillor for Fiestas, Alfonso Cabello, "everyone will have their own interpretation, but I would like to think that the theme has been liked a lot and that people are looking forward to Carnival."

Science Fiction competed with Television and New York - the latter a subject preferred by the director of the Galas, Enrique Camacho - but Cabello's favourite, was the winner. It seems that the desire to dream and escape from a harsh reality has prevailed, even more than that of any film that comes to mind related to the genre, such as Star Wars itself, which just celebrated 44 years since its premiere.

Zombies, superheroes, aliens, time travel, parallel realities, machines that conquer the world or even killer viruses that infect the world's population are some of the themes that will nurture the imagination of carnival people, who, once vaccinated, will go out to the street, if there is a street party. Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez has already warned, “the final decision on whether the party will be held will be taken at the end of September and we will do so based on the evolution of the pandemic. For the chicharreros, normality will return when thousands of people can enjoy themselves, in the street”. 

Stormtrooper S/C is a Star Wars fan association in Tenerife. It was born in 2014 as a carnival group in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who participate in the main and opening parades. The following year they began to carry out their first social and charitable events in addition to participating in the Tenerife Lan Party. The group is characterized by the creation of their costumes from scratch and for it's sense of humour. It is estimated that it is made up of around 60 members, the centre and main symbol of the group being the Stormtroopers or Imperial Soldiers. 

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