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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Santa Cruz Carnival 2022 to be held in June

With the original date of the carnival inauguration now less than 10 days away, it was inevitable that Santa Cruz Carnival 2022 would be postponed. At last night's Zoom meeting, attended by 103 people: organisers, representatives of the carnival groups, etc., it was decided that it will be June or nothing. The intended dates are from Saturday, 4 June to Sunday, 26 June, with no details yet of which events will take place on which days

Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, says the change in the dates is due to the rise in infections caused by the sixth wave of COVID and, is a way to “save” the celebration. Other cities have already set the precedent, such as Valencia with its Fallas or Cádiz with its Carnival. Now it is the turn of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has decided to move the Carnival to June

With the arrival of the sixth wave of COVID, as explained by the mayor, they have had to make decisions, always to guarantee the safety of people, while also being able to celebrate a party in which more than 9,000 people are involved. “At the moment, the data has taken us to level 4, and the forecast of the Government of the Canary Islands is that Tenerife will continue at that level until the end of the month. That makes going back to rehearsals in the short term practically impossible, and, even if the alert were lowered to level 3, it would still be very difficult to maintain the group meetings,” said the mayor.


Councillor for Fiestas, Alfonso Cabello, admitted that the "window of opportunity" to celebrate the Carnival is the month of June, but if the circumstances continue as currently, there would be no more possible dates, which would force its suspension.

The dates that Fiestas are considering are between June 4 and 26, but with nothing assigned to the different events, which is something that, he says, will be settled with the groups in face-to-face meetings that will take place Thursday and Friday of this week.

Likewise, he made special reference to the children: "We have to see when their contests are better for children's groups, because we understand that it is a month with exams." Designers are also the other group that can be most affected by the transfer of dates.

According to the mayor, it will be in the month of April, “after Easter”, when it will be possible to really know if the new dates are feasible. "For everything to fit together, the groups need to be rehearsing by April 18. If on that date we have another variant of COVID or there is a new wave, that will be when we will really know what is going to happen with Carnival," he said.


One of the things that the new dates will allow, with potentially better weather, is for the galas and contests to be held outside. This was pointed out by Bermúdez, who explained that "our intention is to create a carnival venue outside, as we did with the May Festivities."

The possible locations are the car park of the Parque Marítimo or the esplanade of the dock, where the Christmas Concert is held, both on the land of the Port Authority, with which the necessary permits would also have to be negotiated. In addition, in the month of June, the Fairground (The Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses) already has its own programming, such as the celebration of two concerts, which would make the assembly of the stage and the events of the 2022 Carnival unfeasible.

In June, in principle, there will be no Carnival in the street. The mayor concluded his speech by pointing out that the idea, therefore, is to ensure at least the celebration of galas and contests. "If the evolution of the pandemic allowed us to go to a celebration in the street, which I doubt, believe me that nothing would make me more excited," he added.