Friday, June 24, 2022

Carnival 'buries' COVID and the revelries return to the streets after 2 years

LA SARDINA by iLoveTheWorld

The Burial of the Sardine According to San Juan kicked off the most important festival in the city two and a half years after its last edition, and opens the door to a massive weekend of non-stop partying

The Eve of San Juan was experienced this year in a very special way, as the purifying fire associated with this date coincided with the inaugural act of the Carnival in the streets of Santa Cruz: the Burial of the Sardine, or of COVID, to be more exact. The sardine was pardoned, well, at least until next year.

The night apparently passed without incident and only eight people needed assistance at the Carnival Hospital; five men and three women for various reasons. Half of those assisted required attention due to alcohol poisoning, although without major complications. One of those affected is a minor.

Two other people suffered injuries as a result of falls, being treated at the first aid post located in the facilities of the Carnaval Hospital. It was necessary to refer one man, a member of a carnival group, to the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria due to cardiological problems.

Thousands of people will enjoy street dances from today and others set fire to bad omens and sorrows.

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