Saturday, March 30, 2019

A total of 36 wineries participate in the third edition of the Tenerife Winery Gallery

Tenerife Wine Gallery

A total of 36 wineries will participate next Monday 1 April in the third edition of the 'Tenerife Wine Gallery', held at the Casa del Vino. From 11.00 to 16.00 hours are reserved exclusively for professionals, while from 16.00 to 20.00 hours it will also be open to the general public. This activity aims to connect producers and winemakers with the rest of the operators of the local wine chain using the gallery model or 'tasting tunnel' (self-guided tasting of wine). In total there will be 115 wines from all denominations of origin of the island;  47 are red wines, 55 white and the other 13, rosé or sparkling wines.

Professionals who wish to attend have free access after registering on the website The general public may purchase tickets via at the price of 18 euros.

Un total de 36 bodegas participan en la tercera edición de la Galería de los Vinos de Tenerife

Friday, March 29, 2019

Candidate for Junior Carnival Queen in 2019 Ainoa Francisca Suárez Mesa

Whether looking back once more at Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2019, or forward towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2020 - which takes place between Friday, 21st February 2020 and Sunday, 1st March 2020 - we can't resist another look at the candidates who aspired to become carnival queens in 2019.

This week we look at one of the candidates for the title of Junior Carnival Queen, Ainoa Francisca Suárez Mesa, with a costume entitled "VIVIR EN UN MUNDO FELIZ" (LIVE IN A HAPPY WORLD), designed by Miguel Ángel Castilla Abreu and Patricia Ramos Negrín, representing Mercería rossi y vp artículos de peluquería y estética

Ainoa Francisca Suárez Mesa | Gala Reina Infantil | Carnaval S/C Tenerife 2019

Vuelta al Teide 2019

Vuelta al Teide

On the Tenerife Sporting Calendar 2019, this weekend, on Saturday 30 March the Vuelta al Teide 2019 cycle route takes place. The route, as the name suggests, circles the Teide Volcano, covering some of the most spectacular scenery Tenerife has to offer. 

Vuelta Al Teide 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019

April is Wine Month in Tegueste

The municipality of Tegueste becomes 'a gastronomic epicenter' with the celebration of the twelfth edition of the Wine and Tapas Route, taking place between 29 March and 17 April, an already traditional event included in the "April, Month of Wine" program.

On this occasion there will be 14 establishments taking part: Bar La Cabaña. Rincón de Marino, Bar Cafetería Las Rosetas, Bodegón Brasas El Parral, Tasca La Viña, Restaurante El Ministro, Zenobio Casa de Comidas, Restaurante Tentados, Cafetería Antiguo Surtidor, Pizzería Te Gusta, Pizzería Dagigi, Bar Cafetería Mencey Tegueste, The Rumors Gastrobar, Restaurante Mauro and La Cantina del Mercadillo, allowing a tour of the different neighborhoods of the municipality.

A portion of Tapas will be priced at 3 euros. For more information the council's website ( has information about the participating bars, tapas and wine. People who complete the entire route will get a gift. (If they're still standing, perhaps!)

Wineries participating this year are La Jalada, El Púlpito, L'Ambora, Jesús Hernández González, La Zafra, Lomo Sapiens (red and white), Barreto, Mederos, Zapatero, Mateo Gutiérrez González, Llano El Pino, Carlos Rodríguez Gutiérrez and La Collera.

The program "April, Month of Wine" this year, is organized by the Town Hall of Tegueste, with the collaboration of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Tegueste (ASEVITE), the Wine Association of Tegueste (AVITE), the Association of Oxherds (AGUAVITE) and the Farmers' and Crafts Market.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Carnival Noise Issues Resurface

South of El Orche

The name of Felipe Campos, the lawyer who represented residents in the noise complaint against carnival in 2006, returned to the memory of many on Friday 1 March at the end of the Opening Parade when they went to the area of El Orche. That night they discovered that the music could only be heard inside the bar that gives the area its name and where, only about thirty people fit at the most. Outside, were three kiosks where you couldn't hear the music, which made people think that maybe it was a problem with the supply of electricity. It was a sound problem. Perception was that Carnival had been muted.

The second day of carnival the volume had improved compared to Friday, which wasn't difficult. Sound inside bars is limited to 96 decibels, as in other years, while the music in the outdoor stages is limited to 105. (Rock concerts usually reach 110 decibels.) The mayor convened an urgent meeting on Monday 4 March to discuss the situation that had aroused outrage, where many considered that the limits are very restrictive.

Meanwhile, a Neighborhood Association, in the historic center of the Tenerife capital, has announced that, from June, when the new municipal corporation is constituted, it will seek an agreement with the City Council to definitively resolve the problem to reconcile the right to rest of the residents in the area of the Carnival with music at high volume. They are seeking to have the street parties moved away from the centre of the city.

The association have called for a public meeting on Wednesday and ask for what they call the "macrobotellón" (bottle party in the street) to be transferred to the port area in 2020. They claim noise levels during carnival in 2019 were higher than allowed in some areas.

We deliberately stayed right in the center of the carnival area at the Hotel Adonis Pelinor in the Calle Bethencourt Alfonso (the hotel is tired, but you can't beat the location for the purpose) for convenience and quick access to the fun (and we're oldies!)

Yes, it was noisy, but the loudest wasn't the official carnival stages, it was the kiosk that was virtually below our balcony in the narrow pedestrian street, particularly when they played thumping techno music on one of the big party nights. We still managed to sleep through that and, ironically, woke up once the music stopped in the early morning!

Crowds already spilling out of the
Plaza de la Candelaria into the alley
The loudest that the 'official' entertainments got was on the Sunday afternoon, during the Daytime Carnival when Billo's Caracas Boys were performing. Staying so close, I can now say that I've HEARD Billo's live. The crowd in the Plaza de la Candelaria was already spilling over into the alleyway opposite, so we weren't going to get much closer to the stage than we already were and decided to stay in our comfortable listening position.

There's a perception with some that the loud carnival music is all night, every night, for an interminable period. In reality, it was only on some of the nights: After the Friday opening parade the street parties lasted until 5 am. On the Saturday night / Sunday morning, until 6 am, but the Sunday night, was restricted to midnight. The Monday night / Tuesday morning (the Tuesday being a public holiday in the city) was another late one until 6 am, while the Tuesday night again ended at midnight. Wednesday night / Thursday morning's party after the Burial of the Sardine did go on until at 3 am, but was mostly centered around the one area of the Plaza del Príncipe. There was no music on the Thursday night.

For the second and final weekend of carnival the Friday and Saturday night parties would end again at 5 am and 6 am, respectively. So, the loud "all-night" music is actually just five nights in the entire year, four of those are weekend nights and one the night preceding a public holiday. It seems to me to be the extreme of fussy to make a complaint about that.

UPDATE 5 April 2019: The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, has asked the municipal secretary to study what legal options can be proposed to protect the Carnival in the street, either through some legal modification or with a proposal of law in the Parliament of Canary Islands. Speaking to reporters, he said that the goal is "to protect the tradition of Carnival", which has been carried out specifically in the streets and squares of the city for many decades, long before the "veiled threat" of judicial claims by the neighborhood association 'El Perenquén'. According to the mayor, the Carnival is the only Canary Islands festival declared of international tourist interest and "it taking place in the streets is essential".

The proposal put forward also includes the possibility of requesting from Unesco the declaration of the Carnival as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Best tortilla in Spain to be decided in Tenerife

Tortilla for breakfast at the Mercado Nuestra Señora de África

On Tuesday 26 March, within the activities scheduled for the II International Potato Forum (taking place Monday and Tuesday at the Auditorio de Tenerife), the II Edition of the National Contest of Tortillas de Papas will be held in Tenerife. Five finalists have been selected who will present their recipe for the 'best tortilla in Spain'.

The contestants must make a potato omelet in front of the jury and explain the preparation and the tricks they use, step by step, to obtain the best version of one of the most representative dishes of Spanish cuisine. Competing for this award are Lola Cuerda, Casa Dani (Madrid); Jorge Lozano, Tapas 3.0 (Salamanca); Gorka Rodríguez, Pulpería de Melide (La Coruña); Senén González, Sagartoki (Vitoria), and Ana del Carmen Pacheco Martín, Bar Aithay, Mercado Nuestra Señora de África (Tenerife).

The jury, made up of 'great figures of gastronomy', will proclaim the winner. The final will be held at 5:00 pm in the Chamber Room of the Auditorium of Tenerife. The winner will receive, from the Government of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo de Tenerife (Island Corporation), his or her weight in the ancient potatoes of Tenerife.

La mejor tortilla de España se decidirá en Tenerife

Monday, March 25, 2019

Tenerife Bike Festival

No Limits Tenerife

The Tenerife Bike Festival, taking place between the 26 and 31 March, aims to promote the island as a specific tourist destination for cyclists.

Some 25 travel agents, tour operators and journalists of a dozen different nationalities will attend, from the United States, Israel, France, Italy or Germany, as well as the president of the Spanish Royal Cycling Federation, José Luis López Cerrón. Cycling, which is constantly growing in Tenerife, attracts tourists who leave very little environmental footprint and who value local products, as well as being interested in rural areas.

After the success of the Tenerife Walking Festival, which has already become one of the most important hiking events in Europe, tourism authorities wanted to explore the potential of a similar event focused on cycle tourism, an activity that is practiced by more than 81,000 tourists during their stay on the island. Of these, 27.6% were British (22,400), 17.8% Germans and 11.2% Spanish, followed by Italians, French, Belgians, and Irish.

The festival will be divided into two phases so that participants can enjoy the charms of both the north and south of the island during their stay. The first days will be hosted at the Sandos San Blas Hotel (Granadilla de Abona), from where they will depart to make a different cycling route each morning and visit different companies associated with 'Tenerife No Limits' specialized in services related to cycling. In the afternoons there are other, complementary, activities such as whale and dolphin spotting, tasting Tenerife gastronomy, a walk or paddle boarding at the Playa de las Teresitas.

Attendees will then move to the Meliá Hacienda del Conde Hotel (Buenavista del Norte), where they will get to know the charms of this part of Tenerife, make bicycle tours and visit businesses oriented to cycling, as well as getting to know other attractions in the area.

On the 30th, the participants will take part in the Vuelta al Teide cycling tour that celebrates its third edition this year.

'Tenerife Bike Festival' promociona a la isla como destino turístico para ciclistas

Photo of No Limits Tenerife is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sunday, March 24, 2019

A pizzeria in Tenerife in danger of closing leaves out portions for the most needy

The Pizzeria NISA, in La Laguna (Tenerife), was in danger of closing because of the lack of customers. Faced with this situation, the owner's daughter decided to make an appeal on Twitter to encourage people to visit and thus hopefully avoid its closure.

"My mother opened a pizza shop a few months ago in La Trinidad and seeing it empty makes her very sad, I hope that with the magic of twitter, she will get someone who likes to try them," she wrote.

The message soon ran like wildfire on Twitter (and has subsequently been picked up by most of the local media), as more and more people shared the message. Among them was one user's tweet, which showed a photograph of the pizzeria pointing out that, in addition, at night, at the entrance of the premises they left out portions of pizza for the most needy with this message:

"We cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love, if you need it, take one." 

The user wrote, "People who make gestures like these have to do well in life, I know where I'll go to eat when I visit La Laguna. Much success". As others have said, these are the establishments that we need to maintain rather than the big companies.

Una pizzería de Tenerife en peligro de cierre deja porciones en la entrada para los más necesitados

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Seven Fashion Experiences arrives in Tenerife capital to boost commercial activity

Seven Fashion Experiences also aims to promote the textile sector, the aesthetics sector and that of the Canarian designers.

The capital of Tenerife will host the "Seven Fashion Experiences" initiative from March 25 to 30, within the framework of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Central Zone trade association, with the aim of promoting the textile, aesthetic, design and trade sector related to fashion, through the creation of a new meeting point for design, sales and contact with the public.

The program of activities will start on Monday, March 25, at 8:00 p.m., at the Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) in the Tenerife capital (Calle José Murphy, 12, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife), with the inauguration of the Fashion and Barbie exhibition featuring  different Barbies with designs by various international designers, such as Fabián García, Petro Valverde and Agatha Ruiz de La Prada.

On Thursday, March 28, at 6:00 p.m., at the Plaza del Chicharro and at 9:00 p.m. at Calle La Noria, there will be two fashion shows in which 12 models and 8 brands will exhibit their new trends.

On Friday 29, at 5:30 pm, at the Museum of Fine Arts, is a round table discussion, entitled ‘Mama quiero ser Influencer’ (Mama I want to be Influencer), moderated by Norberto Morales. At 20:30 hours in the García Sanabria park there will be a catwalk show with 21 Canarian models, in which regional designers Diazar, Pomeline, Fabián García and Trajeria de Tenerife, as well as national designers such as Félix Ramiro, the master of sewing Petro Valverde and Leo Norman Paris will showcase various collections. In addition, on this catwalk, the collection of Agatha Ruiz de La Prada will be exhibited, who will be represented in Santa Cruz thanks to the presence of two of her children.

Saturday 30, at 12:00 in the Plaza de España, a parade in swimsuits will feature 21 models to present the designs of Patricia Santana, Dapresa, Román Peralta and the national designer Rubén Garraleta. The event will be enlivened by a performance by the group La Mecánica. Also, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., in the Plaza del Príncipe you can visit a vintage market with thirty stalls where articles related to the world of fashion will be shown, as well as a children's area, show cooking workshops and fashion confection.

"Seven Fashion Experiences" is organized by the General Directorate of Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, Development Society of Santa Cruz and the trade association Zona Centro, co-organized by Fauca and Puertos de Tenerife, is sponsored by Grupo Rahn, Mutua Tinerfeña, Heineken, Ron The Indiana, Blat vodka, Obsidian Gin, Two Bross, Canarypay, Coca Cola, Bliss Royal, Gustazo, Niokobok, and has the collaboration of shopping area Tram, Mc Donald's, Darias Perfumery, Antonio Capilla, Atlantic Today, Canary TV, Travisso travel , Tirma, Vintae, Lopez de Haro, Atlantic Mirage, Spacio10, Adonis Resorts, Cope Tenerife and Marcha FM, City View, and the management and production of Events Factory Canarias.

Zona Centro festeja sus primeros 25 años con un gran encuentro de moda y diseño
Seven Fashion Experiences 2019

Adeje Water Route

Ruta del Agua in Adeje

Sunday, March 24, Adeje will host the staging of the Ruta del Agua (Water Route), an initiative that aims to publicise and rescue the symbolism and history of a society linked and dependent on this precious resource. As in previous years, the route, narrated in both Spanish and English, will be completely free and will be conducted by the Folklore Group of Adeje who will be dressed local costume of the time.

The route begins at eleven o'clock in the morning from the entrance of Barranco del Infierno in Adeje. The tour will continue through the Molino de Arriba, the Fuente de los Tres Chorros, the Molino Viejo, the huertas, the Abrevaderos, the Casa Fuerte, the Church of Santa Úrsula, the Convent of San Francisco, the Calle Grande, Los Chorros, the Casa Sindical and will end in the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano.

Throughout its journey, this scenic initiative aims to recall what life was like for the people of Adeje and their Marquises, traditional crafts and their customs thanks to the arrival of water in the town, as well as to raise awareness and value the patrimonial elements that arose along the route that the water used to make for the Historic Quarter.

El casco adejero acogerá la escenificación de la “Ruta del Agua” este próximo domingo, 24 de marzo

Ruta del Agua de Adeje

Friday, March 22, 2019

Culture Santa Cruz: What shall we do today?

Cultura Santa Cruz

Councilor of Culture in the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Carlos Acha, has announced this Friday, a new application for mobile devices that provides information on cultural activities that take place in venues managed by the authority.

The free app 'Cultura Santa Cruz' lists events at the Guimerá Theater, Los Lavaderos, the Museum of Fine Arts, the La Recova Art Center, the García Sanabria exhibition hall or the Central Municipal Library and other cultural spaces of the City Council. Available for both IOS and Android, via the Play Store and the Apple Store.

Of course you'll have to be able read Spanish (or else you'll still need me!)

Twenty-three candidates aspire to the title of Carnival Queen in Los Cristianos (Arona)

23 candidates opt for the title of Queen of the Carnival of Arona

The Infanta Leonor Auditorium dressed up for carnival to present the 23 candidates who aspire to become Queen of The Jungle (the theme of this year's carnival in Los Cristianos). The show began with the sounds of the jungle and the acrobatics of many wild animals. Vegetation and flowers took on a life of their own through dance by the various groups.

During the presentation, the batucada and comparsas of Arona, as well as the choreographic groups of the municipality, participated. The three queens of the Carnival of Arona 2018 (Senior, Infant and Adult) were also present and Drag Fresh (winner of Drag Arona 2018) was part of the show, with a stellar performance.

There are 23 candidates in all; 11 candidates in the Senior category (one for each Center for the Elderly in the municipality), six Junior and six Adult.

Sequins, glitter, dancing rhythms and a lot of animal print have made it possible for the International Carnival of Los Cristianos 2019 to begin in style. The first drums have been played. Arona marks the starting signal for the celebrations, which tonight, 22 March, will premiere on the main stage with the Comparsas Contest starting at 9:00 p.m.

The Galas for the Election of the Senior, Junior and Adult Carnival Queens and Gala Drag Queen will take place on March 26, 27, 28 and March 29.

Carnival on the Street

This Saturday 23 March the WIG Party-Pelucón Festival is celebrated with more than a thousand euros to be distributed in prizes for the most original hats. In Playa de Las Américas, the Opening Parade takes place from 7 pm.

On Sunday, March 24 at 12:00 is a concert by the Arona Music Band, continuing at 5:00 p.m. with a Carnival Parade and at 6:00 p.m. with the Meeting of Murgas.

The Festival of Choreographic Groups will take place on March 26. Carnival in the street continues, on Saturday, March 30, with the Daytime Carnival and Sunday, the 31st with the Carnival Main Parade from 4 pm. The events will culminate on April 1 with the traditional Burial of the Sardine.

More of the calendar for Los Cristianos Carnival 2019 in English

And the International Carnival of Los Cristianos has an official song this year.

Experts warn of the dangers that threaten the forests of the Canary Islands

Pine forests on Tenerife

On the occasion of the International Day of Forests held yesterday, 21 March, around the world, professional groups and associations linked to the care of the forests of the Canary Islands have produced a manifesto to warn of the danger to the forests of the islands as a result of climate change. The global climate changes are producing major increases in temperatures in the islands, less precipitation and more stormy episodes, as well as a decrease in the trade winds and increase in heat.

They add that all this causes much more difficult conditions for certain types of vegetation and an increase in forest fires in the archipelago, as well as aggravates the ecological disasters of autumn storms, which affect both vegetation and people and infrastructure.

The document points out that climate change is altering the behavior of fire in forest fires, exceeding the capacity of prediction models and making it difficult to extinguish them.

More than 36,000 hectares were destroyed during the forest fires of 2007 (ED: I was among the 11,000 evacuated), which caused the greatest forest loss in recent history. Other traumatic episodes, such as the fire of the Garajonay National Park (La Gomera) in 2012, the large forest fires of 2013, which affected several islands at once, the fire on the summits of Gran Canaria in 2017, or the recent fire of Garafía, in La Palma, in February 2019, are dangerous antecedents that reveal the magnitude of the degradation process reached by our ecosystems.

Experts warn that the islands face serious desertification risks that especially affect the forest heritage and add that the current economic situation is decimating forest investments and focusing resources on extinction, ignoring prevention, which is the fundamental pillar of forest conservation. "The increase in technical means (planes, helicopters, qualified personnel, etc.) will not be enough to prevent the next big forest fire," they say.

Consequently, they propose better management of the changes that forest systems are undergoing; increase their surface area, enhance their genetic diversity and the interactions that trees generate in ecosystems. This strategy would also make forests a source of employment and well-being for rural populations and it would also make it possible to reverse deforestation and recover a good part of the forest landscapes that the islands had before colonization.

Los expertos advierten de los peligros que acechan a los bosques de Canarias

Image by Frank Nürnberger from Pixabay

Carnival Queen Candidate in 2019 Luz Vanessa Alonso González

Luz Vanessa Alonso González at the Ritmo y Armonía on 2 March 2019

Whether looking back once more at Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2019, or forward towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2020 - which takes place between Friday, 21st February 2020 and Sunday, 1st March 2020 - we can't resist another look at the candidates who aspired to become carnival queens in 2019.

As you can see it's not just the winners, but also many of the other candidates that appear in the various carnival parades - this was during the Comparsas Rhythm and Harmony Contest on Saturday 2 March 2019. Luz Vanessa Alonso González' costume is entitled, "Un Presente Con Historia" (A Present With History) designed by Carolina Hernández y Víctor Díaz (Cavi Lladó Diseñadores), representing Cortes y Pliegues Tenerife.

Luz Vanessa Alonso González | Gala de la Reina | Carnaval S/C Tenerife 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Los Cristianos Carnival Begins

As Los Cristianos Carnival 2019, the theme of which is "The Jungle", is about to begin and is taking place between 21 March and 1 April here's a look back at Los Cristianos' Carnival Main Parade from last year, in which 4,000 people and over 50 groups took part. Los Cristianos Carnival Main Parade 2019 takes place on Sunday 31 March 2019.

We've already listed some of the main events of Los Cristianos Carnival here, but the Carnaval Arona website have produced a full detailled calendar here, in English, which will give you all the dates, times and locations of the various events of this carnival, which seems to get bigger, with more events and greater attendance, every year.

Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, says more than 125,000 participated in the Carnival of Arona (Los Cristianos) in 2018, with revenue of 6.1 million euros and 131 jobs created, making it the second most important Carnival on the island and first in the south.

Video: Carnaval Internacional de Los Cristianos, Arona 2018

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Orvecame Norte Rally 2019

Get set for some breathtaking rally action on Saturday 23 March with the Orvecame Norte Rally 2019, now onto it's 35th edition. With the start this year in Los Realejos and one section each in that municipality, Santa Úrsula and La Guancha, La Orotava will host the last section (special-show of 1.8 km) in the area of 'La Playita'.

Videos: 34° Rallye Orvecame Norte 2018 | Rally Orvecame Norte 2018.

Tenerife Rally Calendar 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Arroz Marinero (Sailor's Rice) for Father's Day

Paella (Stock image)

Today, 19 March is Día del Padre (Father's Day) in many Spanish-speaking countries and La Laguna Ahora offer us this recipe for Arroz Marinero (Sailor's Rice). Whilst I suppose this could have been deemed suitable for the occasion because so many dads' hobby is fishing, I wonder if it's really because it contains beer?

Arroz Marinero para el Día del Padre 

This paella is very popular, especially when a large number of people gather, hence the quantities indicated; if you want to make a smaller amount, reduce the ingredients proportionally.


1 kilo of rice
½ kilo of seafood to taste
1 kilo of onions
2 heads of garlic
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
2 strands of saffron
2 beers
1 glass of white wine


Cook the seafood, reserving the water. Fry the onions, garlic, red and green peppers (all chopped), plus a little parsley, oregano and thyme and saffron. Add the beers and the white wine and bring to boil, then incorporate the seafood. Add the rice with water (for each kilo of rice, 2 liters of water in which the seafood was cooked) and leave it to simmer until it is dry the surface of the rice, but still moist beneath. Let it rest covered with aluminum foil.

Arroz Marinero para el Día del Padre

Image by EstudioWebDoce from Pixabay

Monday, March 18, 2019

Santa Cruz gives green light to Museum of History of The City in the Palacio de Carta

Palacio de Carta in the Plaza de la Candelaria, Santa Cruz

The City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife met on Monday to discuss in detail the project to create the first Museum of History of the City in the Palacio de Carta. This emblematic building, in the Plaza de la Candelaria in the heart of the city, was built between 1721 and 1752 for Matías Rodríguez Carta, who ordered the construction and then used it as his family residence. The building has since been the headquarters of the Civil Government, as well as of the Canary General Captaincy - not less than 19 General Captains have lived there - and even the headquarters of the Credit National Bank during the fifties. In recent years it had not been in use. It is now to be restored and will have a new life.

The Museum will show, via a journey through history, the most relevant events that have taken place since the foundation of the city, in 1494. With an interactive room on the ground floor, videos will introduce the visitor to aspects of the history and symbols of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, such as old Santa Cruz, through images; tourist routes with historical and cultural content; a virtual reality zone and, finally, a 360º visualisation the city.

There will be seating in the central space of the room to provide access to various immersive experiences emblematic to the city such as: the Carnival, the Recreation of La Gesta (the annual Reenactment of the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife the infamous assault, in 1797, launched against the city by Horatio Nelson), the Cruces de Mayo (Crosses of May) and of the Embarcación de la Virgen del Carmen.

The 360 degree virtual tour of the most important points of Santa Cruz, will include 15 selected areas of the city that stand out for their history or other noteworthy aspects.

The central courtyard of the Carta Palace will host a rest area with explanatory panels, while the floor will be completed with a reception space, a shop and the Tigre cannon exhibition (the cannon is currently in the The San Cristóbal Castle Interpretation Centre).

The second courtyard will be dedicated to information about the building itself, with a detailed account of the origin of the Palace, its construction, evolution, as well as the purposes and venues that it has housed over time.

In the mezzanine, the Museum will trace the chronicle of aboriginal world, before the fifteenth century, giving an account of the Guanche society that inhabited the Menceyato de Anaga that would encompass much of what is now the municipality of Santa Cruz.

Through different rooms, the trip will continue to the foundational period of the nucleus after the Castilian conquest, its evolution and growth throughout the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, until reaching the nineteenth, when Santa Cruz acquired a political prominence and social status both on the island and within the archipelago.

Finally, the historical tour will reach the contemporary era, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present.

The museum complex will also have an assembly hall properly equipped to schedule activities, conferences or workshops and with a maximum capacity of 40 places. There will also be two independent rooms designed to host temporary exhibitions.

The original clock of the Carta Palace will be integrated as an exhibition element accompanied by a description of its history and noteworthy characteristics.

El Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz da luz verde al proyecto de Museo de Historia de la ciudad en el Palacio de Carta

Photo: rene boulay [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Puccini's Turandot at the Sala Sinfónica del Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín

Sala Sinfónica del Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín

The Ópera de Tenerife and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra are bringing Puccini's Turandot to the Sala Sinfónica del Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín (pictured) this week with three performances; on Tuesday 19 March, Thursday 21 March and Saturday 23 March. At time of writing, there appear to be tickets still available here.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Final balance of Santa Cruz Carnival 2019

Fireworks at the end of Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

As fireworks said goodbye to the The Deep Sea carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife almost a week ago, it's time to look back at the events. Councillor for Fiestas, Gladis de León, said Monday that "Today, everyone says that Santa Cruz has the best carnival in the world". Having been at many of the main events myself, I absolutely don't disagree.

Whilst Rio may be bigger and Venice may have the edge on a certain type of glamour, you just can't beat Santa Cruz Carnival on it's accessibility; the opportunity to become part of carnival rather than just an onlooker; the atmosphere and friendliness.

Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez isn't hiding his satisfaction with the Carnival either. In an interview, he says, "The night of Piñata Saturday showed that the [carnival in the] streets is our forte, that we are an unique Carnival, a Carnival of international proportions with something that nobody can ever copy: 400,000 people enjoying [themselves] on the street. That can not be copied, it has to be lived and it is a feeling of the people. Our people and their way of living the Carnival is what makes it great, different, safe and special."

We're still nodding our heads. My husband, who was a carnival virgin until this year, has said how he was impressed by Santa Cruz de Tenerife that, from the moment we arrived, felt like a city letting it's hair down and enjoying itself and not a festival that had merely been organised for the purposes of making money and ripping people off.

The distinction, of course, is that any festival in Britain will be organised by private companies, purely for profit and Santa Cruz Carnival is organised with the city council. They may well be, justly, keen to draw money into the city (this year's festivities generated revenue of 35 million euros for the city), but first and foremost it remains the local party for the people of the city. And as much as we'd like you to come an enjoy it too, we'd hate to see that ruined by too much tourism. The other distinction in Santa Cruz is the safety.

  • More than a million people attended the events of carnival, from the start of the contests to the Piñata Sunday
  • The absence of incidents of relevance during the development of Carnival on the street
  • Tista transported 706,000 passengers during the party and the tram to 258,000
  • In spite of the increase of public affluence with respect to previous editions, less solid waste was generated
  • Hotel occupancy in the city reached 100% during the two Saturdays of the party
  • The Carnival recorded up to 18 million interactions through official profiles on social networks

The Carnival of 2019 will go down in history as the most participatory to date, which together with the absence of relevant incidents from the point of view of security, shows this is a party as multitudinous as it is fun and friendly. The Juan Luis Guerra concert, organized together with Cadena Ser and which put the finishing touch to Piñata Saturday, broke attendance records, with an estimated influx of 400,000 people to the city that day.

The increase in traffic on the Carnival Facebook page stands out, as more than thirteen million people have seen some of their publications during the last two months; Nearly nine thousand new fans have registered and the videos have been played 1,513,154 times.

Traditional media

Some 10.3 million viewers watched the Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen, broadcast live by Televisión Canaria and Televisión Española at some point.

Televisión Española also broadcast the Rhythm and Harmony contest, which was seen at some point by 2.9 million people, and recorded an average of 436,000 viewers.

The Main Parade was also broadcast by Televisión Canaria, which also made a special program on the occasion of the Daytime Carnival.

Hotels at full occupancy

The hotel occupancy data from Ashotel Tenerife reveal a 100 percent occupancy on Piñata Saturday and close to full during the first weekend of the carnival. The vice-president of Ashotel, Gabriel Wolgeschaffen, has been very satisfied with the results, which surpassed the forecast of 90 percent that was expected in the beginning.

Last year's occupation was 83 percent.

Hoteliers want Santa Cruz to be promoted as a City of Carnival all year round.

Between March 1 and 10, 21,200 cruise ship passengers arrived at the capital, such as the "AidaStella", which only on Saturday 9, Day Carnival, brought some 2,800 visitors.

Personally, the number of cruise ship passengers is a bit of wishful thinking. Yes, that number called into port during those dates, but I checked the schedules and there were only two ships, the AidaStella and the Black Watch on 5 March that were in at a time when passengers could have seen any of the carnival events. Someone please let the cruise companies, the port authorities and the council know that they're missing a trick here.

More people, less waste

In spite of the historical figures of affluence, the council registered a descent in the waste generated in relation to 2018 by about 83 tons. In particular, this year 444.7 tons of solid urban waste were collected, against the 528.3 tons of the last edition.

Some 36.7 tons of 'light packaging' were collected, which shows that the actions initiated in relation to recycling have begun to pay off. In 2018 only 930 kilos were collected. (I'll admit it, I had serious doubts over the ability of drunk people to separate their recycling!)

The cleaning operation resulted in 7,819 hours of work and the use of just over 3.3 million liters of water, practically all desalinated and 3,421 liters of chemical products used.

The municipal cleaning services deployed during the festivities, an extraordinary operation, integrated by more than 200 operators and fifty vehicles.

Yes, the streets did look this bad in the mornings, but it's a party. It's going to happen. It gets dealt with. Someone gets a job. For which, I reckon they need medals!

One negative: on the morning of Carnival Tuesday especially, after the big party the night before, the streets of Santa Cruz smelled like 100,000 tom cats had come in and marked their territory. It was rank! And I had survived the toilets at Knebworth Festival in 1979. Clearly 190 portaloos is not enough and we saw many people not using them.

Increase of passengers on public transport

Tenerife's public bus company TITSA, transported 706.606 passengers during Carnival 2019 on routes destined for the Interchange of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which represents 23.7% more travelers with respect to the last year's carnival.

On Saturday March 9, coinciding with the celebration of the second Daytime Carnival, 79,878 passengers used public transport, 28.6% more than in 2018.

This increase in the use of public transport affected all the routes that connect the capital with the main urban centers of the north and south of the island, as well as the metropolitan area. The company had reinforced the service with 262,000 additional seats and 562 additional drivers.

The operation of the service ran without major incidents thanks to the deployment of a special security service that included more than 40 agents distributed both in the buses and in the interchanges of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna.

The tram moved 258,855 people during the ten days of Carnival.

Safety and emergency 

The safety and emergency personnel who worked during the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, comprised of almost 1,500 people (compare that to the 13,020 police deployed at Notting Hill last year for only double the number of carnival-goers), has increased its level of coordination and work this year due to the expected increase in public. We felt that the number of police in Santa Cruz was appropriate: enough to make you feel safe, not so many as to make you feel that they were there to stop you having a good time.

The facilities of the Carnival Hospital (Red Cross First Aid Post) were attended by just 681 people, representing a 9% increase over the previous year. Despite this increase, the relationship between the number of people and the number of attentions remains in line with recent years. The number of people who were attended to due to alcohol consumption remains at almost 45 percent of the total. The second cause for which first aid was needed was for injuries resulting from falls or cuts from broken glass in the street.

The number of assaults decreased, by 3 percent, despite the greater number of people at the Carnival events.

National Police under their Operation Neptuno 2019, charged and fined 382 individuals for drug consumption and possession in a public area (yes, I smelt that in various places too), another five were charged with possession of a weapon, while seven were taken to police stations because they refused to identify themselves.

In comparison with previous years, the police are highlighting the relatively better public behaviour by carnival-goers.


The competitions, galas and parades, including the three Carnival Queen galas, were witnessed live by more than 320,000 people. The following are the most relevant data:
  • Friday 1 March - Opening Parade of Carnaval 2019. Participants: 10,000 Spectators: 87,000
  • Saturday 2 March - Rhythm and Harmony Comparsas. Participants: 1,000 Spectators: 52,000
  • Tuesday 5 March - Carnival Main Parade. Participants: 8,000 Spectators: 80,000
  • Wednesday 6 March - Burial of the Sardine. Participants: 30,000

To get a million people to come to 'my 10 day birthday party' (it was on the Tuesday, the main day of carnival and the reason we went this year) was quite an achievement. Thank goodness I didn't have to buy them a round! No idea how I will ever top that.

And then there's next year to look forward to: the dates for Carnival 2020 are here.

The video below packs all of the emotion of those ten days of carnival into 2.5 minutes. To achieve that the editing is nothing short of genius. Knowing I was there and saw most of these things in the flesh, makes my heart pound, takes my breath away, brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. Carnival gets under your skin and does that to you!

Vídeo resumen del Carnaval 2019

Carnival in Garachico 2019

Port in Garachico

Carnival in Garachico 2019 is taking place from the 1st to the 17th of March. If anything distinguishes this carnival, it is it's particular version of the burial of the sardine.

In Garachico the sardine is replaced by a figure called Sansusino. This grotesque being resembles the Lirio-Ferro fish (Alepisaurus ferox, we believe, commonly known as Susino) from the boats that came to Garachico from Madeira and Azores in the 14th century, and whose flavour did not enjoy popular appreciation. The solemn duel for the soul of Mr. Sansusino increasingly attracts more visitors to the town to witness this ancient tradition that the locals are keen to maintain.

Saturday 16 March - Coso del Carnaval (Main Parade) from 5 pm with the participation of the Comparsas, Batukadas, Murgas, Fanfarrias, Personalities of the Carnaval, Queens and Costumed Groups. From the Plaza Ramón Arocha to the old port. Followed by the Baile de Piñata with orchestras, Dorada Band, The Regueton Band and Guaracha from 7 pm.

Sunday 17 March - After kid's activities (the usual bouncy castles, face painting, etc.) from 3 pm, there's the Reception and Grand Duel of Sr. Sansusino at 6 pm, with the 'traditional pastry tasting of the Carnival.' From 8 pm is the Funeral and Cremation of Sr. Sansusino, with a solemn funeral procession through the streets of the town, followed by the cremation at the old port. Organisers request, "Please be dressed in the most rigorous mourning and with a mask to keep the traditional Carnival."


Image by LauraRinke from Pixabay

Friday, March 15, 2019

Carnival in Granadilla de Abona 2019

Carnaval de Cuba in Granadilla de Abona 2019

Granadilla is a large municipality and its carnival parties are to match, with events in different towns, both coastal or inland. Verbenas (dances), galas and performances, parades and horseback riding are all part of one of the most endearing carnivals of Tenerife. Carnival events in Granadilla start on Friday March 15 with the Opening Cavalcade from 7:00 pm along the Avenida Agua Dulce to the Plaza of Los Abrigos church. Saturday March 16 will be the Daytime Carnival, starting at 12:00 in the Plaza de El Médano. On Friday March 22, the queen will be chosen. On Saturday 23 March, the Gran Coso Apotheosis (Main Parade) of the Carnival runs through the streets of Granadilla town from 5:00 p.m. and, on Sunday 24 March, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the Burial of the Sardine will do likewise, to finish with the dance of 'widows and widowers'.


Silver Age Fair in Playa de las Américas

Centro Comercial Oasis (Oasis Shopping Centre)

The second edition of the Silver Age Fair is taking place today, Friday 15 March, and tomorrow, Saturday 16 March, between 11:00 and 21:00 hours, at the Centro Comercial Oasis (Oasis Shopping Centre) on the so-called Golden Mile; the Avenida Las Américas nº 9, Playa de las Américas, Arona. The II Silver Age Fair of Arona, they say, will offer to those of you (OK us) over 55 years of age complementary services for active aging!

The Silver Age Fair will have health and wellness, leisure, fashion and accessories, as well as finance and industry professionals; home, accessibility and safety, and technologies for health and independent active life. A multitude of activities and workshops that include pilates and yoga classes, blood pressure reading, a hearing systems information point, blood glucose and cholesterol. Exercises of memory, nutrition and healthy food, workshops of crafts and beauty advice, in addition to talks related to dental care.

It is also being seen an as opportunity to get to know more closely the demands of groups of older residents, both permanent and temporary, of foreign origin, with different cultures.

The second edition will have a stage in which different folklore, flamenco, comparsas and zumba classes will be performed and closing each day, a tribute to musical greats.

La II Silver Age Fair de Arona ofrecerá a los mayores de 55 años servicios complementarios para un envejecimiento activo

Los Gigantes Carnival Parade

As Los Gigantes Carnival 2019 is about to begin and runs from 15th to 23rd March 2019, here as a taster is coverage of last year's Carnival Main Parade in Los Gigantes.

Four candidates will battle it out for the title of Carnival Queen in Los Gigantes 2019 from 9:30 pm on Friday 15 March and four candidates will aspire to win the title of Junior Carnival Queen in Los Gigantes 2019 fro 5:30 pm on Saturday 16 March

We expect that the main parade will take place on Sunday 17 March.

Gran Coso Apoteósico del Carnaval de Los Gigantes 2018

Susana Conde Alba 1st Maid of Honour 2019

Susana Conde Alba 1st Maid of Honour 2019

Whether looking back once more at Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2019, or forward towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2020 - which takes place between Friday, 21st February 2020 and Sunday, 1st March 2020 - we can't resist another look at the candidates who aspired to become carnival queens in 2019.

This is Susana Conde Alba, with a costume entitled “Bésame” (Kiss Me), designed by Santi Castro, representing Centro Comercial Añaza-Carrefour, who was 1st Maid of Honour.

Susana Conde Alba | Gala de la Reina | Carnaval S/C Tenerife 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Canary Islands Festival of Religious Music

Festival of Religious Music of the Canary Islands

The XIV Festival of Religious Music of the Canary Islands will begin on March 16, on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and will run until April 7, making a tour of the 13 churches and most consecrated temples of the islands. The program, which will offer 14 concerts, will feature a repertoire consisting of the interpretation of musical pieces by composers such as Bach, Vilvadi or Monteverdi.

The quartet Sul-Cordas will interpret the Seven Last Words of Christ on the cross in Tenerife, in the church of San Pedro Apóstol in Güímar, on Saturday, March 16, and in the church of Las Clarisas in La Laguna, on Friday the 22nd.

For more information about the artists and the concert calendar, visit this Facebook page.

Concerts in Tenerife:

  • Saturday 16 March at 8 pm in the Iglesia de San Pedro (Güímar)  
  • Friday 22 March at 8 pm in the Iglesia de Las Clarisas (La Laguna)
  • Saturday 23 March at 8 pm in the Iglesia de La Concepción (La Laguna)
  • Sunday 31 March at midday in the Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol (El Sauzal)
  • Friday 5 April at 8 pm in the Iglesia de Santo Domingo (La Laguna)

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Arafo to host the XXIV edition of the Regional Craft Fair

Plaza de San Juan Degollado

The Craft Fair will take place on the 16th and 17th of March in the Plaza of San Juan Degollado. More than fifty artisans will meet in a show that will feature folkloric performances and workshops for the whole family.

The municipality of Arafo is preparing to celebrate a new edition of the Regional Handicraft Fair, which will celebrate its XXIV edition with the event organized for Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March in the Plaza de San Juan Degollado in Arafo.

The event, which will start at 11:30 am, will have more than fifty spaces for artisans.

On Saturday, the Parranda Al Son de Afoña will perform, the musical group Risco Azul and Jeita, among others. Workshops for the whole family provide a chance to try milking.

The activities scheduled for Sunday will start with the traditional Eucharist in honor of San Jose, with a subsequent tour of the image through the Plaza de San Juan Degollado and then the stage in the square will host the performance of the musical group Atimaguara.

At 17:00 hours it will be the turn of Ayesa and Parranda Cho Marcial, ending with the presentation of diplomas to the artisans attending the Regional Fair, which will proceed to the closure of this annual event.

"We are designing a fair, together with the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, which is not only a benchmark in the region, but also in the island as a whole", highlights Yurena Pérez, but also so residents and visitors can enjoy Arafo and, at the same time, have the possibility of acquiring high quality handmade products.

Arafo acogerá la XXIV edición de la Feria Comarcal de Artesanía

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Santa Cruz Tenerife Carnival Program 2020


UPDATE 10/01/2020 - What's listed below has now been confirmed as the official carnival program. A PDF version [in Spanish] can be downloaded from the carnival website, which adds the locations and times of events.

We're making this up as we go along, though based on previous years, but provided that carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife continues to follow the usual schedule (and it would be tantamount to an act of sacrilege to suggest significant changes), events in 2020 might look like this. Obviously, any or all of this could be changed and any changes are beyond our control. We'll update as soon as the carnival organisers publish a calendar.

Journalist Humberto Gonar (EL DÍA) has also published a provisional calendar for Carnival 2020 on his website and this agrees with what I have listed below.

Highlighted are the events and parades in the streets.

  • Friday, 24 January: Inauguration of Carnival 2020
  • Thursday, 30 January: 1st Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Friday, 31 January: 2nd Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Saturday, 1 February: 3rd Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Sunday, 2 February: Festival of Coreographed Groups
  • Monday, 3 February: 1st Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Tuesday, 4 February: 2nd Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Wednesday, 5 February: 3rd Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Friday, 7 February: Final of the Murga Contests
  • Saturday, 8 February: Contest of Musical Groups
  • Sunday, 9 February: Gala Election of the Junior Carnival Queen
  • Wednesday, 12 February: Gala Election of the Senior Carnaval Queen
  • Friday, 14 February: Comedy Song Contest
  • Saturday, 15 February: Comparsas Contest
  • Sunday, 16 February: Costume Contest and the Rondallas Contest
  • Tuesday, 18 February: Concert with lyrical group Los Fregolinos
  • Wednesday, 19 February: Gala Election of the Carnival Queen
  • Thursday, 20 February: Festival of the Zarzuela
  • Friday, 21 February: Opening Parade
  • Saturday, 22 February: Rhythm and Harmony Comparsas
  • Sunday, 23 February: Daytime Carnival
  • Monday, 24 February: Carnival Monday
  • Tuesday, 25 February: Carnival Main Parade
  • Wednesday, 26 February: Burial of the Sardine
  • Thursday, 27 February: Festival of Rondallas
  • Friday, 28 February: Children's Carnival Parade and Festival of Prize Winners
  • Saturday, 29 February: Daytime Carnival
  • Sunday, 1 March: Exhibition and parade of vintage and classic cars, end of carnival party and carnival closes with a firework display