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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tenerife Bus Company Running Extra Green Submarines During Carnival

The Green Submarines of TITSA Await You!

This is one of the reasons to love Tenerife: There's a fiesta, so they put on extra buses so people can actually - and safely - get out to enjoy themselves. During public holidays. Even at night. Contrast that to the usual "No Service on Sundays and Bank Holidays" in the UK that excludes large parts of the population from social events ... /Rant over

And I like their joke - green submarines - for the deep sea carnival.

As they say, "We are prepared for the carnival immersion!"

Tenerife's public bus company, TITSA are launching a special reinforcement service for the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which will increase the number of places available to travel by bus by 262,000 and will make 2,832 additional trips between March 1 to 10.

There are special services on lines 014 and 015, which connect Santa Cruz de Tenerife with La Laguna, on demand. The company has agreed to implement night schedules in 17 routes that connect Santa Cruz de Tenerife with different points of the island. This reinforcement affects route 910, which will offer two early morning trips from San Andrés, as well as several routes that connect the capital with Puerto de la Cruz, Costa Adeje, Icod, Güimar, Candelaria and Punta del Hidalgo, as well as other urban lines.

The service on several routes to the capital will be increased during the Daytime Carnival and Coso (Main Parade), especially 102, 103, 104, 108, 110, 111, 120, 906, 908, 935.

In the evening hours, routes 102, 103 and 104 (Santa Cruz-Puerto de la Cruz), 110, 111 and 711 (Santa Cruz-Costa Adeje), 106 (Icod-Santa Cruz), 014 and 015 (Santa Cruz- La Laguna), 121 (Santa Cruz-Güimar and Puertito), 122 (Santa Cruz-Candelaria), 050 (La Laguna-Punta del Hidalgo), as well as the urban lines 232, 908, 910, 933, 934 and 972 .

The routes running on March 3, 5 and 9 (Daytime Carnival and Coso), will run on the normal weekday timetable, plus reinforcements.

With this programming, the TITSA company seeks to become a reliable, comfortable and safe alternative for travel from any part of the island during the celebration of Carnival, ensuring easy access to Santa Cruz.

The Intercambiador de Santa Cruz de Tenerife will remain operational 24 hours on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th and 9th of March, and until 02:00 hours on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 of March. The car park of the Intercambiador de La Laguna will remain operative all night of 2, 4 and 9 of March and until the 02:00 hours, the Fridays 1 and 8 of March.

The car park at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Interchange has a special rate for weekends and holidays, including the main day of carnival. Parking will cost 0.75 euros per hour.

All schedules can be found on the website www.titsa.com, or on the TITSA telephone number 922.53.13.00 and through the company's social networks.

TITSA oferta 262.000 plazas extras durante la semana de Carnaval

El Jueves Lardero - Lardy Thursday


Did you know that today is "Jueves Lardero" Lardy Thursday (Fat Thursday in many European Countries), a day that is also known in many places in Spain as "the day of Tortilla"? Don't worry if you didn't, nor did I, but I love the name!

On this day the carnival celebrations begin, according to tradition that dates way back to the Middle Ages, and it is a week away from Ash Wednesday that will announce the beginning of Lent, the 40 days before Holy Week, during which - by Christian tradition - you should not make excesses, eat meat, or celebrate anything. This gives us the origin of this week of costumes, parties, carnival and other excess.

The word "Lardero" comes from "Lardo" which is what the fat or lard of the pig was originally called (from the Latin "lardarius"). In Catalonia this day is known as "Dijous Gras" (Fatty Thursday). But ... what does this have to do with the day of the tortilla?

In ancient Saturnalia, the pagan festivities that were celebrated in ancient Rome in honour of the God Saturn, "tortillas" based on flour and fat or lard were cooked and it was popular to go to the countryside to eat it. Nowadays the flour and fat of the tortillas have been replaced by eggs and that is why it's traditional today to take a tortilla sandwich to take to school or work. But each region or community celebrates the day in a different way.

Jueves Lardero is the popular name given to the Thursday before carnival, especially in the Castilian-Aragonese area. The name comes from the verb lardear (to spread or wrap what is going to be roasted with grease), and it's customary to eat sausages, bacon and pork on that day. In Catalonia, on Lardy Thursday, it's traditional to eat tortilla with butifarra. And in Soria there is a proverb that says "Juederos lardero, chorizo ​​entero", referring to the custom of going on a picnic with bread, pork loin and a whole chorizo. In Albacete it's the "day of the mona", the day where the typical "hornazo", a bread with a hard-boiled egg in the center is consumed that is also common in some areas of Andalusia.

Via: La Laguna Ahora¿Qué es el jueves lardero?

Photo: Juan Fernández (JuanJaén) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Components of Carnival in 2019

Carnival Maid of Honour 2012

Now that all of the carnival contests are complete, these are the different carnival components that we'll be seeing in the various carnival parades in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, starting on Friday 1 March 2019 with the Cabalgata Anunciadora (Opening Parade).

And those are just the ones from the long list of contests in the run up to carnival hitting the street. So many other things form part of carnival too, including the rondallas, carnival floats and decorated cars, personalites, fireworks displays, vintage and classic cars, all of the performing artists, the funfair, food and drink kiosks and of course, the many thousands of members of the public who turn up night after night in costume.

There are 102 carnival groups in all this year; 21 adult murgas; 10 adult comparsas; nine rondallas; 25 musical groups; two lyrical groups; 19 junior murgas; two junior comparsas; and 14 correographed dance troops. Over the course of carnival 2019, we'll try to bring you something of all of them.

As well as the parades and performances at the Daytime Carnival events on Sunday 3 March and Saturday 9 March, there will also be performances by various carnival groups on Saturday 2 March, Monday 4 March and Sunday 10 March in the staging areas of the Plaza del Príncipe, Avenida Francisco de la Roche and Plaza de la Candelaria, as well as in the Parque Bulevar. Times to be published on the carnival website.

Highlights of the Carnival of Santa Cruz 2018 and definition of terms

Image: Tamara Kulikova [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019

Priscila Medina Quintero, Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019

In a magnificent galaPriscila Medina Quintero, with a costume entitled “La Nuit” (The Night) representing Autoinsular Citroën, was crowned Carnaval Queen of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019, chosen from among the 19 candidates presented this year. The costume was designed by Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra. Her court consists of the following:

  • 1st Maid of HonourSusana Conde Alba, with a costume entitled “Bésame” (Kiss Me), designed by Santi Castro, representing Centro Comercial Añaza-Carrefour.
  • 2nd Maid of HonourViviane Cordobés Ramos, with a costume entitled “Mandala”, designed by Juan Carlos Armas Febles, representing Centro Comercial Alcampo La Laguna.
  • 3rd Maid of HonourInma Afonso Darias, with a costume entitled “Llegó bailando” (Arrived Dancing), designed by Daniel Pages, representing Dimurol SL.
  • 4th Maid of HonourRaquel Iboleón Laynez, with a costume entitled “Al alba venceré” (At dawn I will conquer), designed by Daniel Pages, representing McDonald’s and La Opinión de Tenerife.
Priscila Medina Quintero, Reina del Carnaval 2019 con la fantasía “La Nuit”
Priscila Medina Quintero, Reina del Carnaval de Tenerife 2019

Entrega de Premios | Gala de la Reina | Carnaval S/C Tenerife 2019

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Santa Cruz: Election of the carnival queen

Enrique Camacho, Laura Afonso, Gladis de León, Marta Sánchez and Carlos Baute

Wednesday 27 February 2019 and tonight is the climax of the contests to select the components of the year's carnival with the gala for the election of the carnival queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If you're not excited about carnival yet, please check yourself for a pulse! A total of nineteen candidates are hopeful of winning tonight's accolade in the gala that will begin at 9:30 pm and is scheduled to have a duration of around 3 hours.

(OK, they say 2 hours 50 minutes, but this is a Canarian schedule!)

Performing at the gala tonight - that will be directed by Enrique Camacho and presented by Laura Afonso - will be singers, Marta Sánchez and Carlos Baute.

Carlos Baute, Marta Sánchez - Te sigo pensando

The jury that will choose the new Carnival Queen and her four maids of honour will be made up of José Luis Trujillo González, author of the Carnival Poster 2019 entitled "Encarnación del Carnaval Marino"; Kiko Perera, Consul of Slovakia, President of the Circle of Friendship XII de Enero and President of the College of Dentists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Leticia Expósito Álvarez, stylist, make-up artist and image consultant; Ruth Dorta Hernández, Manager of the Entrepreneurs Association Zona Centro Santa Cruz; Patricia León Rodríguez, graduate in Fine Arts, Plastic Artist and Regional Prize of Plastic Arts 2006, Yurena Cazorla, professional make-up artist of cinema, advertising and fashion; Celestino Mesa Pérez, multidisciplinary artist; Beatriz Jarrin, journalist and presenter of radio and television, currently collaborator and reporter of the program to Arusitys de la Sexta; Jorge Martín Hernández, Doctor and medical director of the Cidme clinics; Santiago Ríos, director and film producer; Alicia Cao, winning designer of Masters of Sewing; Laura Low, singer; Marlene Morreau, model, actress and presenter; Silvio Pelizzolo, Consul of Italy and Dean of the Consular Corps and Juan Luis Calero, presenter of the Televisión Canaria. The jury is completed with Expedita Hernández and Eduardo Martín, representing the group of designers of the Carnival.

Televisión Canaria will broadcast the live show for the Archipelago while TVE will offer it, also live, for all of Spain, through La 2. The coverage is completed, for everyone, by TVE Internacional.

Here are edited highlights from last year's event. For the full gala click here.

Here's a look back at photos of the Carnival Queens of the last 14 years.

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

More Carnival Music

Another special for carnival song with video filmed in the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz along with carnival goers and carnival groups as 'extras'.

DALE CARNAVAL - Rudy Ruymán/MM (2019)

Party in the Streets in Santa Cruz

The Nocturnal Carnival Scene in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

As well as all the parades and daytime entertainments at carnival, from Friday 1 to Sunday 10 March there will be a massive street party going on at night in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. By no means restricted to these, but the three main stage areas are in the Plaza del Príncipe, the Avenida Francisco La Roche (which everybody knows as the Avenida Anaga and that fit better in the boxes) and the Plaza de La Candelaria. The list below duplicates the information contained in the Santa Cruz Carnival Program 2019, but where possible, we've added links so you can hear what each artist, DJ or band sounds like - although they're all undoubtedly better live and in the atmosphere of the party.

Carnival Map

Friday 1 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
Orquesta Sonora Olimpia
23:30 - 01:30 h.
03:00 - 04:00 h.
Orquesta Maracaibo
01:30 - 03:00 h.
04:00 - 05:00 h.
The 5th Carnival Reggae Festival
23:30 - 05:00 h.
Chalart58 (DJ)
Ruts&La Isla Music
DJ Javadub
DJ Mamaqucha
Orquesta Revelación
23:30 - 01:30 h.
03:00 - 04:00 h.
Orquesta Armonía Show
01:30 - 03:00 h.
04:00 - 05:00 h.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
Orquesta Tropin
23:30 - 01:30 h.
03:00 - 04:30 h.

Orquesta Malibú Band
01:30 - 03:00 h.
04:30 - 06:00 h.
DJ Tana Sandoval
23:30 - 01:00 h
DJ David Laurentini
01:00 - 03:00 h.
DJ Quique Serra
03:00 - 05:00 h
DJ Adrián Déniz
05:00 - 06:00 h.
Orquesta Armonía Show
23:30 - 01:30 h.
03:00 - 04:30 h.

Morocho y La Gran Orquesta
01:30 - 03:00 h.
04:30 - 06:00 h.

Sunday 3 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
--Orquesta La Banda Loca
22:00 - 24:00 h.

Monday 4 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
Orquesta Malibú Band
23:30 - 01:30 h.
03:00 - 04:30 h.

Orquesta Revelación
01:30 - 03:00 h.
04:30 - 06:00 h.
DJ Eloy
23:30 - 01:0 h.
DJs Fatboys
01:00 - 03:0 h.
DJ Da Cruz
03:00 - 05:0 h
DJ Eloy
05:00 - 06:0 h. 
Orquesta Tamarindo
23:30 - 01:30 h.
04:00 - 05:00

01:30 - 04:00 h.
DJ Richards
05:00 - 06:00 h.  

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
--Pepe Benavente y Trío
20:00 - 22:00 h.
Orquesta Tamarindo
22:00 - 24:00 h. 

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
Orquesta Acapulco
22:00 - 23:30 h.
01:00 - 02:00 h.

Orquesta Dinacord
23:30 - 01:00 h.
02:00 - 03:00 h.


Friday 8 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
Orquesta Olympia
23:30 - 01:30 h.
03:00 - 04:00 h.

Orquesta Malibú Band
01:30 - 03:00 h.
04:00 - 05:00 h
DJ Ser
23:30 - 01:00 h.
Ray Castellano
01:00 - 03:00 h.
Penka Player
03:00 - 05:00 h.  
Festival de galardonados
(Prizewinners Festival)
20:00 h.
Orquesta Maracaibo
23:30 - 01:00 h.
03:00 - 05:00

Moisé González y su
01:00 - 03:00 h.  

Saturday 9 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria
Orquesta Acapulco
22:00 - 23:30 h.
02:00 - 03:00 h.

Orquesta Generación
23:30 - 02:00 h.
03:00 - 04:00 h.

Orquesta Tenerife
04:00 - 06:00 h.
Morocho y La Gran Orquesta
23:00 - 00:30  
Orquesta Maquinaria Band
22:30 - 12:00 h
Orquesta Combo Dominicano
00:00 - 03:00 h.
Orquesta Tejina
03:00 - 06:00 h.  

Sunday 10 March 2019

Plaza del Príncipe

Avenida Anaga

Plaza de La Candelaria

End of Carnival Dance 2019
Orquesta Combo Dominicano
20:00 - 23:00 h

Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife - La fiesta en la calle

Concert with lyrical group Los Fregolinos

This coverage is from the Daytime Carnival, but on Tuesday, 26th February 2019, the carnival event of the day is a Concert with lyrical group Los Fregolinos.


Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Museums organise kids' Carnival Workshops

Children at the Carnival Workshops

Various Tenerife Museums are organising Carnival Workshops for children aged between 4 and 12 years on the 6, 7 and 8 of March, coinciding with the celebration of the Carnival. The Museum of Nature and Archeology is also holding these workshops on the 4th.

Attendees at the Museum of History and Anthropology of Tenerife, the Museum of Science and the Cosmos and the MUNA Museum of Nature and Archeology can enjoy games and experiments, masks and costumes and a guided tour of the different rooms of the museum. The goal is for the little ones to come to these venues and enjoy learning in a different environment. All three venues allow a packed lunch to be brought from home. At the MUNA Museum of Nature and Archeology, a children's menu is also offered.

The workshops take place from 9.00 to 14.00, although kids can stay from 7.30 to 9.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00 and includes mid-morning breakfast. The price is 15 euros.

Reservations can be made at: MUNA Museum of Nature and Archeology: 922 53 51 28/922 53 58 16. Museum of Science and the Cosmos: 922 31 52 65. Museum of History and Anthropology of Tenerife (Casa Lercaro): 922 82 59 49.

El Cabildo programa talleres infantiles en sus museos durante el Carnaval

The Fairground at Santa Cruz Carnival

You're never too old to enjoy all the fun of the fair in my book and here's a look at what's on offer at the fairground that accompanies carnival in the streets in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this year between 1 and 10 March, in this video by R&M Ferias from last year.

Carnavales Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2018-R&M Ferias

Carnaval Reggae Festival

Carnaval Reggae Festival V Edición 2019

Friday night, 1 March 2019 on the Avenida Francisco la Roche (Avenida de Anaga) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, make a date with the 5th Annual Carnaval Reggae Festival. The lineup includes several reggae DJs and Tenerife's own Ruts & La Isla Music.


Ruts & La Isla Music Full Concert Carnaval Reggae Festival 2017

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Costume Contest and the Rondallas Contest in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Sunday 24 February 2019 and the carnival events of the day are the Costume Contest (from 11am at the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos de Tenerife) and, then at 5pm in the Auditorio de Tenerife, the Rondallas contest takes place.

El Auditorio de Tenerife acoge hoy el certamen de rondallas del Carnaval 2019

Rondallas de Tenerife are a male or mixed choir and their repertoire contains elements of opera, zarzuela (operetta-like Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that alternates between spoken and sung scenes) and world music, amongst others.

Certamen de Rondallas | S/C Tenerife 2018

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Program for Los Cristianos Carnival 2019

As has been reported previously, along with a short list of the main events, Los Cristianos Carnival this year will be taking place from 21 March to 1 April. Arona town hall have now published the following list, which provides a few more details. We'll add more information on locations and times if we can, when they become available.

  • 21 March - Presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen
  • 22 March - Comparsas Contest
  • 23 March - Opening Parade and WIG PARTY
  • 24 March - Carnaval Concert, Carnival Procession and Murga Groups
  • 25 March - Correographed Dance Groups Festival 
  • 26 March - Gala for the Election of the Senior Carnival Queen 
  • 27 March - Gala for the Election of the Junior Carnival Queen 
  • 28 March - Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen
  • 29 March - OAP's Carnival Dance and Drag Queen Gala
  • 30 March - Daytime Carnival, Costume Contest, 7th Carnival Beach Run
  • 31 March - Pets' Costume Contest, Carnival Main Parade
  • 01 April - Burial of the Sardine

Carnaval Internacional de Los Cristianos Arona 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Vote for the theme of Carnival 2020

Selection of themes for Carnival 2020

As has already been reported, the theme of next year's carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is to be announced at the end of this carnival on Sunday 10 March. Well, voting is already open online to choose the theme from among the following options:

  • DEL ANTIGUO AL MODERNO JAPÓN (From Ancient to Modern Japan)
  • ARTE MODERNO A POP ART (Modern Art to Pop Art)
  • RUTA 66 (Route 66)
  • COQUETOS AÑOS 50 (The Flirtatious Fifties)
  • NUEVA YORK, LA CIUDAD QUE NUNCA DUERME (New York, the city that never sleeps)
  • TRIBUS URBANAS (Urban Tribes)
  • VAQUEROS E INDIOS AMERICANOS (Cowboys and American Indians)
  • BELLA ITALIA (Beautiful Italy)

Vote at the following page => Votación del tema del Carnaval 2020 

Comparsas Contest in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Saturday 23 February 2019 it's the turn of the colourful groups of singers, musicians and dancers known as comparsas to celebrate their annual contest.

Concurso de Comparsas | S/C Tenerife 2018

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Carnaval Tenerife 2019 Art Exhibition at the Sala de Arte La Recova, Santa Cruz

The Mayor of Santa Cruz in front of one of the works of art by Celestino Mesa

If you love carnival, you may also be interested in an art exhibition that was opened at the Sala de Arte La Recova (La Recova Art Centre) in Santa Cruz last Tuesday.

The exhibition is of almost 40 works of art related to carnival by more than 20 local artists, coinciding with Carnaval Tenerife 2019. The Sala de Arte La Recova can be found in the Plaza de la Madera, next to the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz.

Hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm. Sundays and Bank Holidays 11am to 2pm. Closed Mondays. This exhibition is on until 15 March. ENTRANCE FREE.

This venue located in the historic quarter of Santa Cruz by the Guimerá theatre stands inside what was once the city's marketplace. The building was designed by the architect Manuel Oraá and built in 1851, though it was not until 1992 that it was inaugurated as an exhibition hall. La Recova Art Centre is a versatile venue with a large roofed patio and big halls, which means that every year it is able to host over a dozen art exhibitions.

La Recova acoge una muestra pictórica sobre el Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Comedy Song Contest at the Teatro Guimerá

Friday 22 February 2019 at the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the Canción de la risa (Comedy Song Contest) takes place. They say that humour is the last thing to understand about a language and culture. See how you fare with this.

Canción de la risa | S/C Tenerife 2018

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Senior Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz 2019

Antonia Garrido Francés, the new Senior Carnival Queen 2019

Antonia Garrido Francés was chosen last evening as Senior Carnival Queen of Santa Cruz 2019, during the gala held in the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos de Tenerife (Tenerife International Trade Fair and Conference Centre), in which 9 candidates took part. In a costume entitled "Soy Fortuna" (I'm Fortuna), designed by Antonio Santos Arteaga, the winner represents Bingo Canarias and Bingo Ciudad Laguna.

Her court was completed, in this order, by Juana González Vargas, with the fantasy "Vuela Guajira" (Fly Guajira), designed by the Carnival Association Nira-Armony de la Rosa, representing the Council of Los Realejos; Ana María Gómez Aguilar, with the fantasy "Mumtaz Mahal", designed by Víctor Mesa Aguilar on behalf of DMB Peluqueros; María Dolores Miranda Pérez, with the fantasy "Castilla" (Castile), designed by Alexis Santana Rodríguez, representing the Santa Úrsula Open Shopping Area, and Concepción Rodríguez González, with the fantasy “Bajo la luna del Nilo” (Under the Moon of the Nile), designed by Jonathan Suárez López, on behalf of Gabinete de Estética Africa y Vicky.

The mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, handed the scepter to the new Queen, while the president of the Island Council, Carlos Alonso, and the councilor of Fiestas, Gladis de León, presented the prizes to the matrons of honour.

More than 4,000 spectators gathered to witness the show, which lasted two hours and forty-five minutes. Under the direction of Enrique Camacho and presented by the actress Yanely Hernández, the gala featured musical performances by Pepe Benavente, Luis de Seda and Luis Alberto del Caribe. The lineup was completed by humorist Juanito Panchín.

The Senior Carnival Queen of Santa Cruz 2019 was chosen by a jury made up of Soraya García Hernández, Ansina program technician; Tere Afonso, announcer; Luis Dávila, designer of the Carnival and Lito Mesa, journalist.

Televisión Canaria retransmitted the show, live, for the entire archipelago.

Antonia Garrido Francés, nueva Reina de los Mayores del Carnaval de Santa Cruz

The video below shows the announcement of the winners and handing out of prizes.

Entrega de Premios | Gala de la reina de los mayores | Carnaval S/C Tenerife 2019

Excitement is mounting with only one more week to go until the final contest, the Election of the Carnival Queen, which takes place next Wednesday 27 February 2019.

Carnival-goer gets fined for dressing up in a real police uniform

As carnival will shortly take to the streets once again you'll be planning what to wear. We have before passed on the advice that when attending carnival in Tenerife any costume will do and this is still very true ... except, well, yes there are exceptions.

As the video explains, you can dress as a US cop, as a sexy cop or in any other fancy dress police uniform, but it is prohibited by law to wear an actual police uniform. It's still unclear where he was able to obtain the uniform without an official purchase order, but the one carnival-goer who did this last year, faced up to a 30,000 euro fine.

Multado por disfrazarse con un uniforme de policía

In other news, more than 600 police will patrol the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the carnival. These members of the National Police will be units specialised in intervention in large concentrations of public and will have the support of a Helicopter Unit.

Unos 600 policías formarán parte del dispositivo del Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Official Carnival Song of 2019

Carnavaleando (Doing Carnival) the song performed by Neo Pinto at the Inauguration of the Deep Sea Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been adopted by Televisión Canaria as their Canción oficial (official song) for the carnivals in the Canaries in 2019. Those of you watching their carnival-related broadcasts will be hearing samples from it at the start and end of every program and publicity break within it. We'll be hearing lots of it.

Here's the official video: Carnavaleando - Neo Pinto | Televisión Canaria 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Gala Election of the Senior Carnival Queen

The carnival contests are back on Wednesday 20 February 2019 with the Gala Election of the Senior Carnaval Queen from the International Fairs and Congress Centre.

Provisional Programme for Santa Cruz Carnival 2019

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Gala elección Reina y Festival agrupaciones de los Mayores | S/C Tenerife 2018

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

There are 3,000 prostitutes in the Canary Islands and researchers issue a warning over the normalisation of the activity


Some 3,000 women work as prostituties in the Canary Islands, most of them Latin American and Spanish, according to an estimate in the first report on this activity prepared by the University of La Laguna on behalf of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Esther Torrado, who presented the report before the commission of the Parliament of the Canary Islands last Tuesday, has said that women and girls at risk of social vulnerability are those who are more likely to be captured for the trade, a phenomenon whose presence on the street is already infamous, due to the "diversification" of the offer with clubs, flats or through the internet.

The study lasted two years and has had almost 1,700 surveys carried out and the collaboration of professionals close to the activity.

The usual profile of prostitutes in the archipelago is a woman in a precarious economic situation with children and relatives under her care, with little academic training and who, in the case of foreigners, must send money remittances to their country.

Almost all are victims of gender violence and many have suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse during their childhood.

Torrado points out that prostitution has mutated and bears little resemblance to what was practiced in the 70s and 80s, as international networks predominate controlling the second most economic business in the world through the "commodification" of a woman's body.

The study describes the high mobility of the activity in the islands given that clients demand variety and low prices, hence the 'mafias' try to change the offer frequently, highlighting also a high demand for these services in the islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, which is resolved with 'shipments' from Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Clients of prostitution have a very varied profile from the ideological, social and age point of view, and in general, justify prostitution as a "necessary service", hence the activity is trivialized and minimized, because there is no empathy and as prostitution has become a commodified leisure activity, just like going to buy jeans or shoes.


The ULL warns that young people's early exposure to pornography, through the internet and mobile devices, is a prelude to the consumption of prostitution. From there they go on to prostitution to represent their pornographic fantasies. Torrado has also warned that in young people there has been no affective-sexual education and that they have taken up technology so strongly, which has caught parents and educators off guard.

According to the study, prostitutes distrust the administrations, because they fear that they will take custody of their children and thus prefer to to turn to charities for support.

Island Boogie project will bring together great DJs from the 80s and 90s to carnival

Aimed at the "middle-aged" audience, that is, those who miss good music and remember when you went to a disco and had a great time (that'd be me then!) the Island Boogie project is formed by a collective of DJs who belong to "the vinyl generation", including Real El Canario, Roger S. Morgan, Beat Creator, Bobby Bob, Yeray El Chico, Anthony Play, Fig Bite, Alberto Rodríguez, Esteban Pérez, Juana La Cubana and Víctor Caballeira.

Playing club and carnival classics, Island Boogie will be in the alley of Calle José Murphy, beside the Plaza del Príncipe from Friday 1 March, until the end of Carnival, with the exception of Shrove Tuesday in the Avenida de Anaga.

The Island Boogie project has also been launched as an online 24 hour radio station at islandboogie.net

Via: El cuadrilátero recuperará el Murphy

Monday, February 18, 2019

Junior Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz 2019

Ylenia Rodríguez Domínguez, Reina Infantil del Carnaval 2019

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has elected the first of its three carnival queens this year, as Ylenia Rodríguez Domínguez, was chosen as Reina Infantil del Carnaval 2019 (Junior Carnival Queen 2019) at last night's gala held at the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos de Tenerife (Tenerife International Trade Fair and Conference Centre).

Her costume entitled “Entre el pasado y el presente” (Between the past and the present), was designed by Santi Castro, representing children's boutique La Princesa y el Peis.

The six ladies-in-waiting who form her court are, in order:

  1. First lady-in-waiting, Aroa García Abreu, with the fantasy “En busca de la esencia del Carnaval” (In search of the essence of Carnival), designed by Eduardo Martín and representing Club Rik-Rok and Alcampo La Laguna
  2. Second lady-in-waiting, Oriana Cabrera Lorenzo, with the fantasy “Jugando en el 92…llegué a la meta final” "Playing in 92 ... I reached the final goal" by Alexis Santana and representing constructions and reforms Eliazar Jesús and Repsol Palo Blanco.
  3. The third lady-in-waiting was Karen Irene Acosta Almenara, with the fantasy "La que ama a su isla" (She who loves her island) with a Daniel Pages design and representing Carrefour and AA.VV. La Era y el Trigo.
  4. Fourth lady-in-waiting is Ithaysa Delgado Aguilar, with the fantasy “Pim Pam Pum ¿Esto lo recuerdas tú?” (Pim Pam Pum Do you remember this?) designed by Cristián Santana and representing the Council of Güímar, Bar Parada, Radio 6 Tenerife and autobar and goodies La Familia.
  5. Cynthia Gazmira Cubas Padilla was elected fifth lady-in-waiting, with the fantasy “¿Quieres bailar conmigo?” (Do you want to dance with me?), designed by Jonathan Suárez and representing electricity and reforms Hernández Padilla SL.
  6. While Adriana García Cedrés completed the court as sixth lady-in-waiting, with the fantasy "Coloreando el Cielo" (Colouring the sky), by Ruymán Pérez Jorge and representing Plus Hogar Tenerife.

Seventeen candidates took part in the contest, with performances by various choreographic groups giving shape to a lively and fun musical gala for the whole family.

Five Canarian sea creatures presenting the gala

The event was directed by Enrique Camacho and five Canarian sea creatures were in charge of conducting the gala, where they sent an important message to the little ones: the care of our seas. Singer Nerea, contestant of Operación Triunfo, was the guest artist.

The ceremony lasted approximately two hours and ended with the coronation of the new Junior Queen of the festival and her six ladies-in-waiting, under the charge of the mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermúdez, and the councilor of Fiestas, Gladis de León.

The jury was formed by Víctor Jaubert, Canarian illustrator; Carmen Asencio Cruz, specialist in film characterization; Dácil Travieso, professor of fashion studies; Anatael Pérez Hernández, art director; Beatriz de la Rosa, textile designer; José Juan Rolo, journalist for Radio Club Tenerife-CADENA SER; Joel Angelino, theater director; Patricia Hodgson Ravina, graduate in fine arts; María del Pilar Giménez González, industrial designer; Humberto Chávez Méndez, graduate in Fine Arts and Rubén Lima, artist and fashion stylist.

Televisión Canaria broadcast the show live for the entire archipelago. There's a snippet of video announcing the winner below, but if you want to see the whole gala, it's here.

La niña Ylenia Rodríguez Domínguez, elegida Reina Infantil del Carnaval 2019

This Wednesday, 20 February, Santa Cruz will choose its Senior Carnival Queen for 2019 and the climax of the carnival contests will come next Wednesday 27 February 2019, when the Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen and her court will take place.

Reina Infantil del Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019

Tenerife North Airport gets a new name

The Airport formerly known as Los Rodeos

The Canarian Executive has today announced a change in the official name of the Aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte (Tenerife North Airport) - formerly known as Aeropuerto de Los Rodeos (Los Rodeos) - and has baptized it with the new name of Aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte-Ciudad de la Laguna (Tenerife North Airport-City of La Laguna).

This modification is linked to the declaration of the city of San Cristóbal La Laguna as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999, as reported by the Canarian Executive in a press release.

El aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte ya tiene nuevo nombre

Photo: Alex Castellá from Gavà, Spain [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Santa Cruz de Tenerife the Spanish city with the least robberies from shops

Calle Castillo the main shopping street in Santa Cruz

Some good news ... Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the Spanish city where a shopkeeper has less risk of being robbed in his establishment, with a probability of suffering a visit from thieves 56% lower than the rest of Spain, according to a report from insurers association, Unespa (Spanish Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Institutions).

The list of large Spanish municipalities with a lower probability of theft in shops includes two other locations on the islands: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in fifteenth position, with a risk 27% lower than average, and Arona, in twenty-seventh position, with -9%.

At the opposite end of the scale are four locations in the province of Madrid (Leganés, Alcalá de Henares, Rivas-Vaciamadrid and Parla), where businesses have a probability of suffering a theft between 144 and 133% higher than the average in Spain .

The large Canarian cities are also among the municipalities where thefts in shops have a lower average cost: Telde occupies the second national position, with 610.43 euros; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is third, with 721.20 euros; Santa Cruz de Tenerife, fourth, with 789.88 euros; and La Laguna, nineteenth, with 990.55 euros.

The most expensive robberies in the country are suffered by the shops of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), with an average cost of 6,892.74 euros per crime; El Ejido (Almería), with 6,659.36 euros; Toledo, with 6,396.16 euros; and Guadalajara, with 3,733.57 euros.

According to this report by the insurance companies, which is based on the analysis of 15,962 cases that occurred throughout the country that gave rise to compensation, a theft in a store in Spain has an average cost for insurance of 1,314 euros.

Half of the robberies in insured stores occur in five provinces: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Vizcaya, which, however, account for just 40% of the stores in Spain.

The likelihood of a commercial establishment being visited robbers varies from one part of the country to another. The two Canarian provinces are in the lower part of the table, with a risk of theft in shops below the average: -31.05% in Las Palmas and -20.63% in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife es la ciudad española con menos robos en comercios

Photo: Jose Mesa, Some rights reserved

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Junior Carnival Queen Contest

Possibly every little girl's dream in Tenerife must be to aspire to be the Junior Queen of Carnival and today, Saturday 17 February 2019, one young girl will achieve that aim.

Provisional Programme for Santa Cruz Carnival 2019

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Gala de Elección de la Reina Infantil | S/C Tenerife 2018

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Contest of Musical Groups in Santa Cruz

Saturday 16 February 2019 the Contest of the Musical Groups takes place.

Provisional Programme for Santa Cruz Carnival 2019

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Agrupaciones Musicales | S/C Tenerife 2018

Friday, February 15, 2019

Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra to sing at the Carnaval de Día on Saturday 9 March

Juan Luis Guerra, 'Master of Bachata', is to perform on Saturday 9 March at the Daytime Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Dominican singer, songwriter, composer, and record producer, winner of 18 Latin Grammys, will be on the stage in the Francisco La Roche Avenue, starting at 8:00 pm, with free access.

Santa Cruz Council, in collaboration with Radio Club Tenerife-CADENA SER, has confirmed the appearance of Juan Luis Guerra, one of the most internationally recognized Latin artists, who returns to one of the cities where he has felt most loved, accompanied by his musicians for a show that will be free access for the thousands of carnival goers that are expected in the city that day.

Guerra has recorded several songs in English, like "July 19th" on his 1994 album Fogaraté, and more recently "Medicine for My Soul" and "Something Good" with Italian singer Chiara Civello. Some of his songs have verses in both English and Spanish.

Considered "Maestro de la Bachata", Guerra has sold over 30 million albums and won numerous awards, including 18 Latin Grammys, two Grammy Awards and two Latin Billboard Awards. In 2007 he was the top recipient of six Latin Grammys. He won three Latin Grammys in 2010, including Album of the Year. In 2012 he won a Latin Grammy as Producer of the Year. He was also the top recipient of Latin Grammy Awards in 2015.

Juan Luis Guerra cantará en el Carnaval de Día del 9 de marzo

Juan Luis Guerra - Me sube la bilirrubina

Photo Acancino [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

The Return of the Palo Blanco Hillclimb

Palo Blanco (Image Los Realejos Town Hall)

This weekend on Saturday 16 February 2019 is the first outing of the year's Tenerife Rally Calendar 2019 with the Palo Blanco Hillclimb, an event that has been reintroduced to the rally schedule this year at the request of organisers, Escuderia Daute, in place of the El Tanque Hillclimb that had not seen sufficient participation in recent years. Palo Blanco, along with La Ferruja and Las Llanadas are hamlets, which together have a population of around 2,600 people, in the higher reaches of the municipality of Los Realejos.

El regreso de la Subida a Palo Blanco, novedad en el calendario tinerfeño de 2019

Video: Palo Blanco in 2001

Final of the Murgas Contest in Santa Cruz

Finally, we come to the final of the murga contests, which takes place on Friday 15 February 2019. We appreciate that the murgas can be something of an acquired taste and is probably a taste you may not acquire, unless you speak very good Spanish and have an incredibly keen interest in local politics and current affairs. The longest contest of the whole run up to the carnival too, lasting in excess of six hours, if you don't have time or inclination for the whole thing, here are 27 minutes of edited highlights from last year's contest.

Provisional Programme for Santa Cruz Carnival 2019

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Final Concurso Murgas | S/C Tenerife 2018

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tenerife is the favourite destination to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day alone

Carnations are gaining ground on roses for St. Valentine's

In recent years, Tenerife has become the principal destination to celebrate the Día del Soltero* (Day of the Bachelor / Single's Day), according to eDreams who utilised the traditional celebration of Valentine's Day to analyze the trends of lone travelers.

In 2017 the favorite destinations of the Spanish to escape solo were capitals such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Paris or Berlin. However, during 2018, Tenerife became the main protagonist to celebrate the Día del Soltero, followed by Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London and Paris. Tenerife is the destination that reflected the most significant growth in interest from solo travelers, compared to the previous year, with an increase of 146%.

Other cities where singles choose to celebrate their singleness are La Havana (up 50%), Dublin (increase of 41%), Bogota (34% more) and Lisbon (32% increase).

Regarding travel as a couple, the tourist epicenters of love in 2017 were located in Madrid, Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona. In 2018 Paris regained its label of 'capital of love', followed by others such as London, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona.

Tenerife es el favorito para celebrar San Valentín en solitario

Día del Soltero is celebrated on 13th14th or 15th February, depending on which report you read!

Valentine's Day in Spain

In Spain, Día de San Valentín (St. Valentine's Day) began to be celebrated in the middle of the 20th century, with the purpose of encouraging the purchase of gifts. Really? :) It is said that this festival was introduced by the store chain Galerías Preciados.

The best restaurants to celebrate St. Valentine's in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Tables with candles, secluded corners, dishes to share, flying angels, violinists on the roof ... This Valentine's Day the most romantic restaurants in the city await you to feed your love ...
Los mejores restaurantes para celebrar San Valentín en Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Apparently, carnations are beginning to gain ground over roses, as they are cheaper than roses, especially red roses, whose price shoots up on Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Santa Cruz Council auctioned 43 Carnival pitches for a total of 137,000 euros

Carnival articles on sale on a stall

Yesterday, Santa Cruz Council held the action for the pitches for the stalls that will be placed around the city during carnival. This year the number sold (from a possible 58), was 43, two more than last year and were auctioned for a total of 136,877.78 euros. Organisers reserved another 27 pitches for the large commercial firms that sponsor the carnival.

The prices of individual pitches were maintained in line with previous years and ranged from between 620.08 euros for the most economical to 17,584.84 euros, for the large food stalls that are installed in the Plaza de España and the Plaza de la Candelaria.

The stalls, in the streets of Valentín Sanz, Villalba Hervás, La Marina and Castillo, as well as in the Plaza de España and the Plaza de la Candelaria, will be open to the public from March 1 to March 10, coinciding with the dates of carnival events in the streets.

El Ayuntamiento adjudica 43 puestos de Carnaval por un importe de 137.000 euros

Jungle Day goes to the south of Tenerife on Saturday, February 16

Jungle Day is an event where everyone who wants to can enjoy this new philosophy of training, based on animal movement as a way of life that promotes health, and well-being through physical exercise, food and environmental respect

On Saturday 16 February, the best Wild Coaches from Tenerife will teach this method of training. The event will take place at the Nexsport Club Adeje, in the south of Tenerife.

All the proceeds from this day will go to Moving The Planet, an independent organization that aims to change the world. In addition, members of this organization will be present at Jungle Day, to carry out a "Move" action and introduce their philosophy to those present.

This event will be covered by the leading sports program in the Canary Islands, Macaronesia Sport, which will carry out a report for its broadcast on the regional channel of Radio Televisión Canaria. If you are interested in attending, contact Hara Sport Center in Santa Úrsula.

Jungle Day se va al sur de Tenerife el próximo sábado 16 de febrero

Brexit the consequences for the Canaries

Everything to do with Brexit is still speculation, conjecture and guesswork, however, this recent article from Diario de Avisos was interesting to see how it is perceived from the point of view locally in the Canary Islands. 

The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), better known as Brexit, generates enormous uncertainty and concern

The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), better known as Brexit, generates enormous uncertainty and concern. It will have serious internal consequences for the British but also, due to its great economic power, for the whole of the Union. It will also affect the Canary Islands, where British tourism is very important and, as a large part of our horticultural exports are destined for the United Kingdom.

Europe is not going through its best moment. We have gone from a Europe that generated hope to one that, unfortunately, generates disappointment, despite being one of the few global areas with high economic and cultural level, consolidated democracies and advanced social rights and freedoms, but, also, with deep inequalities that have been deepening and consolidating.

The value of European unity suffers as conservative ideas and ultranationalism advance, which turns  countries into nation states without the slightest European interest. This has been helped by the lack of protection and the fear caused by the austerity policies and cuts applied during the crisis, which have impoverished a part of its population and shown its enormous vulnerability.

The political expressions of the anti-European movement are especially felt in Hungary and Poland, where extremist populist formations govern, but also in parties such as Alternative for Germany or the National Association of Le Pen (former National Front) in France, with significant electoral weight. Also, with those who have promoted Brexit. Several polls predict the far right and eurosceptics a representation above 150 seats in the European Parliament elections next May.

Brexit is a decision, adopted in referendum in June 2016, which generates a high internal impact and expands to the whole of Europe. We are referring to one of the most powerful states in the EU, in which 51% of its imports come from the European Union and 47% of its exports are made to countries of the Union.


An agreed and orderly departure from the United Kingdom, as initially outlined in the agreement between its Government and the European Commission, seemed the most reasonable framework and with the least negative effects for the parties. It allowed its presence in the EU until 2020, made it possible to maintain its contribution to the EU budget (almost 11,000 million euros), as well as its maintenance in the single market and in the common airspace.

On the contrary, a hard, rupturistic solution, where it is not known how it will end, will impact, first of all, on the economy of the United Kingdom itself and on the pockets of its citizens, where the backward movement will be evident. Some reports indicate that a third of British companies could leave the country. Some have already begun the procedures for transfer and will have very serious problems the rest.

In relation to the Canary Islands, there are several issues that can be affected by Brexit. In the case of the agricultural export sector, we have half of the horticultural sector - 49% in tomatoes and 57% in cucumbers - committed to the United Kingdom. By becoming a third-party country of the EU, aid for transport and commercialization would be lost. In addition, we import more than 80% of the consumption potatoes and a significant percentage of those for sowing.

The impact on our main sector, in tourism, would also be very significant. First because of the decline of the British economy, where there are very different estimates from those who point to the retraction of a point of GDP to those who predict six points in the reduction of wealth. The more than predictable greater devaluation of the pound will reduce the purchasing power of the British people and, therefore, will hinder their departure for tourism.

Tourism from the United Kingdom accounts for 33% of total visitors to the Islands, reaching 44.7% in Lanzarote and 35% in Tenerife and a third of total tourism expenditure (origin and destination). Its reduction would have effects on the Canarian economy and on employment. In addition, airlines with British majority capital would also be affected, including Iberia and other low-cost carriers with a particular impact on the transfer of tourists to our archipelago.

On the other hand, several thousand Canary Islanders, who are in the United Kingdom for work and study reasons, would be considered foreigners, with consequences in their work permits, in the increase in the cost of their studies and in health care

Faced with such uncertainty, in October 2016, the Canarian Government created a working committee to monitor and evaluate the consequences in the Canary Islands of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which we value. But, in addition, the Executive has to act with determination and in a coordinated way.

El ‘brexit’, consecuencias para Canarias